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NFL Pregame Shows Week 11 Sound Bites: 'FOX NFL Sunday'

Here are the sound bites from FOX Sports' "FOX NFL Sunday" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the FOX Sports PR department.

Co-Host Terry Bradshaw says San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is doing exactly what head coach Jim Harbaugh wants him to do: “Colin Kaepernick is doing exactly what Harbaugh wants him to do in San Francisco – run a power running game, that’s what they do. He only threw for 400 yards in the first game and not even 200 yards the rest of them, and that’s because it’s designed that way. Play-action passes are designed to go deep, not to throw short. He is doing exactly what they want him to do, and all these experts out there that never played that position need to shut up and get it real because this guy is a great player, he’s growing, he’s a young quarterback.”


Analyst Jimmy Johnson said USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron should be the team’s permanent head coach: “Give him the job! He deserves it. The players love him.”

NFL Insider Jay Glazer reported that Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio had already interviewed for the USC position: “Nobody knows this, but during the Denver Broncos bye week, [USC athletic director] Pat Haden called John Elway and requested to interview their defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. They granted the permission. That happened Friday. They actually came out to Denver and interviewed Jack for the USC head coaching job. Ironically, it was the day before that John Fox found out that he needed surgery, a couple days later he [Del Rio] became the interim head coach of the Denver Broncos. But again, USC flew to Denver a week and a half ago and interviewed Del Rio. Don’t know which way they’ll go, though.”

Johnson added: “Jack Del Rio also worked for me, so give him the job!”


Analyst Michael Strahan says the New York Giants still have a chance to win the NFC East: “This division is the Eagles’ to lose because they have shown the most consistency. Washington has not been consistent, especially offensively, and the Cowboys have not been consistent either and have a ton of injuries piling up. The Giants still have a chance to win this division if they can reverse their usual fortune of playing bad in the second half of games.”

Johnson added: “None of these teams are consistent. They play such bad defense. This division is going to come down to the last game of the season, Philadelphia at Dallas.”

Bradshaw says that the Eagles have found their quarterback in Nick Foles: “This is the guy. They have the right guy. They don’t have to worry about it anymore. All they’ve got to do now is put more pieces around him and solidify that defense a little bit.”


Glazer reports further on the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin situation and gives details on Martin’s meeting with the NFL: “Jonathan Martin met with Ted Wells, the NFL’s independent investigator on this situation for seven hours on Friday. The one thing I do know, oddly enough, is he actually told Ted Wells that he and Richie Incognito are friends. They didn’t single out Richie Incognito. They said it’s a bigger picture, more than just a one-guy situation. They went into more detail, but it involves other people, not just Richie and Jonathan Martin.

“Incognito would like to get back there with the Dolphins; he’d like to recoup his money. I’m being told that they have their hearing on Thursday, it’s an expedited hearing. You’ve got to remember, too, the Dolphins only have two more weeks until December 2 to decide what they want to do, whether they release Richie Incognito or bring him back off this suspension list. The odd thing here in all of it though, is there have been teams that have been scouting both Martin and Incognito, watching this all, who like both players and say if these guys leave those teams, they would be interested.”


Johnson says the Seahawks will have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs: “The Seahawks are not only going to win this division, they’re going to be the No. 1 seed and have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. As good as they are, they’re getting better. They get their offensive tackles back; they get Percy Harvin, a game-breaker, back healthy.”


Bradshaw says despite having two injured quarterbacks, the Packers still plan to pass the ball: “Scott Tolzien will be starting. He’s a young kid out of Wisconsin. Green Bay is the team he always loved and always wanted to play for. Mike McCarthy, the head coach, said, ‘We’re going to do what we’ve always done and we’re going to throw the football all over the New York Giants.’ It kind of shocked me a bit, but he loves this kid.”

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