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NFL Pregame Shows Week 3 Sound Bites: NFL Network's 'NFL GameDay First' and 'NFL GameDay Morning'

Here are the sound bites from NFL Network's "NFL GameDay First" and "NFL GameDay Morning" pregame show. The quotes are provided by the NFL Network PR department.

Quotes from NFL GameDay First

- “He’s finally matured and it’s clicking for him. When you become the guy, you have to believe it. Just because you don’t have 11 catches a game, you are still the guy because you create space for the other receivers.” – Sterling Sharpe on the emergence of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant

- “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers really remind me a lot of my team [in 2007]. They had a goal line stand of their own last week, and they are saying the same things about Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano. I like Tampa Bay and I think they go into Foxborough, they get it done, and I think they quiet all that noise.” – Shaun O’Hara on the comparison between this year’s 0-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers team and his 0-2 New York Giants team in 2007

- “Give him one more week because winning cures all. If this football team falls to 0-3, I think we are going to see the avalanche start.” – Sterling Sharpe on Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano

- “The veteran players have to step up. And Chris Snee was voted captain this year – deservingly so. He and Eli Manning have to step up on offense.” – Shaun O’Hara on how to resurrect the 0-2 New York Giants

- “The problem is he will be learning a new system so he is going to be thinking a lot. Look for two-to-three weeks for him to get inside this offense to where he feels comfortable and he’s not thinking what to do.” – Sterling Sharpe on running back Trent Richardson being traded to the Indianapolis Colts

- “Two things I’ve learned in my 36 years of living: don’t lie to your mama, and don’t bet against Drew Brees.” – Jeremiah Trotter on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

- “Once he gets his legs underneath him he can start to play faster. So I’m looking to see a little more of that; a little more high-stepping, little more running. Give him one more week and he will have a full complement of offense at his display.” – Sterling Sharpe on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

- “That’s the big question because you have a lot of young guys there and they’re starting to build that; they’re trying to put those guys and implement those guys into that system. At one point, some of the posters and some of the pictures came down in the locker room because Bill [Belichick] didn’t want those guys to feel like just because you’re here it’s supposed to happen; you guys have to build this, you guys have to do this among each other. He gives you a system, he gives you a game plan – he gives you the foundation to be great to go in to do certain things. It takes a certain type of mentality and a certain type of player, and you don’t always have that player; some of those players are not in that locker room. You can’t force that among guys that are not like that; that’s something that has to just grow together.” – Willie McGinest on if the New England Patriots have enough players on their current roster to enforce the ‘Patriot Way’ as they did when he was on the team

- “Whenever you’re leaving the huddle thinking about what route do I run instead of leaving the huddle thinking about how I run a route, you are going to lose. That means you’re doing too much thinking and not enough playing.” – Michael Irvin on the young New England Patriots wide receivers

- “Alex Smith and what he does, it travels; it doesn’t matter if he’s in San Francisco or Kansas City, he gives a football team a chance to win because he’s not going to turn the football over. With that defense, this team is starting to look like a young San Francisco 49er team that we watched grow.” – Marshall Faulk on quarterback Alex Smith and the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs

- “The thing he was excited about most was the new quarterback coach Frank Reich. Philip wants those eyes from the sideline, someone that keeps him on track throughout the game.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers

- “Without Robert Griffin III getting out on the edges, holding [defenses] and making them think more than attack, we’ll see more of this. They don’t have the ability to just dominate teams.” – Michael Irvin on the early season struggles of quarterback Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins

- “I like that these guys can grow together. When you’re trying to build a team, you want to put two stars on a team together. These two guys – Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson – they will be able to get it done.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on the Indianapolis Colts’ trade for running back Trent Richardson

- “Several teams have called about [offensive tackle] Joe Thomas, the Browns’ best player. [Chief Executive Officer] Joe Banner said we’re not trading him, this is not a fire sale.” – Mike Silver on the Cleveland Browns

- “We always knew that when you got a chance to play against the Ravens, you had a tough defense – front end and back end; they were going to play hard. You had a nice running game and you asked [Joe] Flacco to be an added sprinkle to that with some nice deep throws, some nice plays…Now you’re asking a sprinkle to be the main cog in the wheel. It’s not happening.” – Michael Irvin on the Baltimore Ravens

- “There are not many quarterbacks that are better in critical situations when their back is against the wall and when his team needs a play to be made.” – Kurt Warner on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning

- “I want to see if Brian Schottenheimer can come up with the plays, design some things to make Sam Bradford look like the first round pick he was drafted to be.” – Marshall Faulk on St. Louis Rams offensive Brian Schottenheimer and quarterback Sam Bradford

NFL Media’s National Insider Ian Rapoport

On quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ offense:
“The Patriots brass may believe they are set at receiver but Tom Brady does not. [NFL Media’s Mike Silver and I have been] told that Brady himself has been calling and texting two familiar faces: Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd. As far as Branch, he’s sitting ready whenever the Patriots call in Kentucky. Brandon Lloyd however has said he is not quite ready to play football; he did however recently act in a straight-to-DVD zombie movie.”

On the Cowboys:
“During practice this week, defensive end Jason Hatcher got after quarterback Tony Romo after he audibled away from the run one more time, which he did three times against the Kansas City Chiefs. The result was a pick-six and Hatcher implored him just run the play. There has been a little undercurrent of this from the defensive players wishing Romo and the Cowboys would simply just run the ball. Later in a team meeting, Hatcher spoke up and called out everyone – including Romo – just to do their job and handle their responsibility.”

On the Cleveland Browns:
“Brian Hoyer is going to start. I’m told by a source he can win the job this week over Brandon Weeden with a stellar performance. But make no mistake about it, the Browns are searching for the franchise quarterback in the next draft.”

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