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Young Clifton Park musician tests new ground

Clifton Park native Mitchell Todorov is exploring new territory this winter with his latest project, Klozapin. Todorov, a senior mass communications major at SUNY Oneonta, is also a member of the Oneonta punk band Dirtpope. While Dirtpope is well-known in the area for its loud and riotous performances, Klozapin is a different kind of beast altogether.

Todorov says he has been jotting down songs on his laptop for years, adding "It could be Dirtpope tracks of random beats or something else. I just play into the [shoddy] mic on my Mac. I recently started making tracks in the same vein so I thought I might as well try to start up a new band with this idea in mind."

This latest fuzz-filled demo features Todorov's distorted vocals against a dreamy background. The sound is dark at the core but is lightened throughout with soft melodies. Todorov explained his intent saying, "I wanted to write really poppy melodic songs cloaked in a ton of distortion, reverb and noise. I liked the concept of having this constant pulling effect of this cluster of fuzz tamed by melody."

Klozapin tracks bring to mind well-known acts like Interpol, Youth Lagoon and She Wants Revenge. Todorov's low voice is distorted to the point that it almost becomes another guitar. With song titles like "Hive Mind" and "Hazy," Todorov shows his knack for titling songs the way they make the listener feel. While maybe more of a walk through the fog than "a breath of fresh air" this up and coming band has potential to produce music perfect for dancin' in the dark, through the haze, or just staring at the ceiling of your old bedroom of your parents' home.

With such talented students in attendance, it makes one wonder why SUNY Oneonta doesn't hire local bands for their annual OH-Fest, a music festival whose lackluster performers have contributed to its dwindling popularity. Klozapin hopes to put on a few shows within the coming months. Todorov added that he would like to eventually record in a studio with a full band, "but still keep the noisy atmosphere."

Here is a link to the first of two Klozapin demos, and the Klozapin video for Distortion.

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