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Embrace the gloom with the Porches

Waking up to an angry alarm, you slowly open one sleep-filled eye and peer out the window to a grey sky. You debate whether to forget it all and curl back under the covers, or to brave the coldness of the floor below. You wonder when your landlord will turn the heat on in your apartment. It's getting colder these days. 

After a morning like this, you need a pick me up. Have I got the band for you! Well, the Porches. probably aren't the best pick me up... but hey, some days you're in a mood that no bubble-gum song can fix, and you should embrace the gloom. On days like these, the Porches. are perfect company. 

Based in Brooklyn and New Paltz, this New York band has just recently taken the web by storm since the release of their latest album "Slow Dancing in the Cosmos" in late August. Despite the recent ascent to semi-stardom, this isn't the Porches' first album. The band had several other releases back in 2011, including "Summer of Ten."

The band described the song-writing process in a short blurb saying, "Lyrics written on napkins..." According to their bandcamp page, the band is made up of Ronnie Mystery, Kfilth Filtherson, Seiya Jewell, Frankie C and Cameron "Shambles" Wisch. If nothing else, these guys sure know how to pick good stage-names.

The group defined themselves as folk, rock and booty-clapping on their bandcamp page. While booty-clapping is beyond me, this New Paltz band hits all the right notes, bringing a new sound to the New York college scene. Less rap, less screaming, less nasally pop-"punk".

You can actually hear the lyrics, and damn... they're quality. Described as "bummer-pop" for its sad lyrics, Maine balances darkness with humor throughout the album. Each song brings the reader to a specific moment, to a time and place not easily re-created. The lyrics are simple but they hit home and grind their way inside of you. Yet at the same time, the words seem like they were always on the tip of your tongue.

In the same ballpark as contemporary folk-rockers like Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, this band has potential to break it big time. At the very least, they'll help you get out of bed on those cold grey mornings.

Here's a link to the bandcamp site.

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