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NFL Week 1 Picks

(The New York Jets host the Oakland Raiders in Week 1. PETER R. BARBER/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER)

Welcome back, NFL. Oh, how we missed you.

After a year away from doing this I'm back picking NFL games, again risking the little street cred I have. These picks are straight up, and I'll keep a running tally. (You will be able to compare how I do against the real expert, Sara Foss.)

Disclosure for those who don't know: I am a long-suffering, die-hard (and often) Jets fan, but I do not let that color my picks. I mean, if I picked against the Pats every week I would have a pretty lousy record.

On with the show ….

Green Bay at Seattle (Thursday): Green Bay will be good again this year. Never bet against Seattle at home. SEATTLE

Minnesota at St. Louis. The Rams do not have a quarterback. The Vikings do not have much of anything. ST. LOUIS

Cleveland at Pittsburgh: The Johnny Manziel Watch goes to DEFCON 1 after the Browns go three-and-out their first series. PITTSBURGH

Jacksonville at Philadelphia: Blake Bortles will be a great quarterback someday for the Jaguars. Which means nothing on Sunday. PHILADELPHIA

Oakland at New York Jets: Even as the Jets are starting a pair of folding chairs at cornerback, it's not fair to pit a rookie quarterback against Rex Ryan. JETS

Cincinnati at Ravens: Is this the year the Bengals not only get into the playoffs, but make some noise? CINCINNATI

Buffalo at Chicago: Like Geno Smith in New York, E,J. Manuel has to prove that he's The Man in Year Two. CHICAGO

New Orleans at Atlanta: New Orleans should eke out win over improved Falcons. NEW ORLEANS. UPDATE: DUE TO GLITCH THIS WAS A LATE ADD

Washington at Houston: RGIII has some weapons, but also should fear for his life against the Texans' front four. WASHINGTON

Tennessee at Kansas City: Would not be surprised by the upset here, but tend to play it tight Week 1. KANSAS CITY

New England at Miami: As a Jets fan, who am I supposed to root for in this game barring significance in standings? The refs? NEW ENGLAND

Carolina at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay will rebound this year. Carolina lost a lot of receivers. Still … CAROLINA UPDATE: WARNING: This is a terrible pick. Cam Newton has bruised ribs. I never change picks after the fact, but you should take Tampa Bay. Besides, you can't go wrong picking against me.

San Francisco at Dallas: This is one of those rare games that is easier to pick with the spread (Cowboys as an underdog) than straight up. SAN FRANCISCO

Indianapolis at Denver. I think Peyton Manning could throw two touchdown passes to me if I hobbled out there. Well, not really. Never mind. DENVER

New York Giants at Detroit (Monday): Did you see that one nice drive Eli led against the Jets? Yeah, that was nice. Remember it: It will have to get you through the season. DETROIT

San Diego at Arizona: Coin toss game. (Tosses coin.) Heads it is. ARIZONA

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September 7, 2014
9:38 a.m.

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Mark I hope your right on these picks....

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