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See-saw spring weather

Hold on to your hats, folks – this is spring! It is nice to see the ground again in Schenectady, although we still have a patch of snow in our back yard. Why does the temperature keep teasing us with a nice warm day followed by a blast of cold? The usual dilemma of what coat to wear in the morning is upon us. Some days the light jacket is not quite enough, and other days we wish the heavy one sitting in the closet were still on our shoulders.

We can look to the jet stream again to help explain this. The sun is much higher in the sky, and it is heating our portion of the world much more than it did during winter months. Cold air still is in place to our north, and as the jet meanders there will be times when the cold air drops down for a visit.

When the temperature difference is large, the air masses interact with vigor and the result is windy conditions and sudden abrupt changes as one replaces the other. That is what we will see in the next few days as a series of changes ramp up the temperature with windy conditions and then the cold air will return with wind from a different direction.

We will explore the details of how that works in the future but for now, the best bet is to think in layers of clothing and adjust as necessary.

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