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Ana pays a visit

April showers, the cruelest month, or the tax man cometh all speak to the volatile nature of April weather. We are watching this first hand with delightful weather on the weekend bringing temperatures near 80 degrees. Warm southerly winds brought the warm temperatures. Much colder air is advancing from the west, however, and a surprise is in the forecast for snow in the Adirondacks.

We use the term cold front to describe this rapid shift and the name describes it well. They are frequent visitors but this particular type of front is more common during the spring months when there are significantly different air masses colliding. It is described as an ANA front because the wind shift occurs before the new air mass arrives. Imagine a conveyor belt transporting warm air to our region form the Gulf of Mexico. To our west, the cold air is pushing toward the Atlantic and because cold air is heavier it forces the warm air up into the sky where it cools off and the moisture condenses, resulting in rain.

Frequently the show is over as soon as the temperature changes on the ground and the cold air arrives but with ANA, there is enough moisture still available to allow the rain to continue. Rather than dry air following the front the rains will continue — if it becomes cold enough it will turn to snow. As in any weather related event, this is a model and circumstances can change the picture but it will be interesting to watch the wind vane and the thermometer during the day. Be prepared for the winter wear in the morning!

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April 16, 2014
11:37 a.m.

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You can now add an editor's space assignment decision to the ensambles

April 16, 2014
4:18 p.m.

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Thanks -- glad you liked it. This one had all the trappings and was a fascinating event to watch. Sister KATA will arrive another time....

April 19, 2014
12:01 p.m.

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Bout mid June with all the evaporation from tilled land with no ground cover yet

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