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In the Cool of the Day

Most of the trees I know are wearing spring green. Baseball season has arrived and birds are singing like maniacs every morning. Even the Baltimore Orioles are off to a nice start.

April is on the way out, May is on deck. But we’ve still got March temperatures and stiff winds in our section of New York state.

While others are weeping like old women, to steal a line from Don Corleone, I am glad to see hardy weather in mid-spring. There are a couple reasons.

One, I’ve still got a solid stack of firewood in the backyard, and fires are scheduled Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While the New York Yankees are freezing their pinstripes off against the noble Detroit Tigers — and probably barking like dogs in all three games — I’ll be sitting by the fire, eating stuffed peppers and guzzling a few Sam Adams beers. I’m still in winter beer mode — the less potent Coors Lights will show up a little more when I start mowing the grass.

Two, I am kind of smiling at the bad luck in the insect world. When we had temperatures in the 60s and 70s a few weeks ago, bugs were whizzing by me left and right. It was like New Year’s Eve for some of these bums, like they were saying, “Hey! We’re back! Damn! We’re flying around in early April, it’s going to be a great year!”

Epic fail — and Happy New Year, frozen bugs. I don’t think my personal enemies, the mosquitoes, made the spring break. But I’ll bet their damn cousins and distant relatives have been crying bitter tears these cool nights and mornings. Kind of like a guy starting a two-week vacation, has 80 degrees the first day and then snow for the next 13 days.

I haven’t seen a damn bug all week. I feel a little bad for the bees, because they’re OK. And I hope Mother Nature made them smart enough to stay out of the early warm air. I like to think that only stupid bugs made the foolish leap of faith, and then enjoyed frost in the thorax.

Smart men and women will be inside this weekend, next to their fireplaces and next to their beers. I can take this weather until June.

Maybe July.

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