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Tricked on Treats

I’m ready for Halloween. Although trick-or-treaters do not terrorize my neighborhood, I’m always prepared for the stray witch or ghost.

This year, it’s going to be Hershey and Kit Kat bars. And I’m almost embarrassed to be handing them out.

I know “Halloween-sized” or “snack-sized” candies have been popular for years. But man, when I dumped those bags full of Hershey bars into my plastic snarling pumpkin-o-doom, I couldn’t believe how small they were. These “treats” were not even three-inches long.

When I was a kid in Rochester, dressing like a dopey vampire with one of my mother’s nurse capes from the U.S. Army, we always planned trips to Seneca Parkway — the street of large, expensive houses and the holy grail of Halloween ... the nickel candy bars. During the 1960s, five or 10 cents bought big batches of chocolate, and my brother and our friends carted home bags full of Sky bars, Baby Ruths, Butterfingers and even some Zeros and Zagnuts after our raids on Seneca. Mallo Cups, peanut butter cups and maple bun candies were also appreciated. We’d eat like kings through early November.

But now, I almost feel like apologizing to the kids who walk from house to house — doing their parts to keep alive one of the great American holiday traditions. I’m surprised the subject didn’t come up during the last Obama and Romney debate.

If I get goblins or skeletons, I’ll hand them five or six chocolates each. I will remember eggs also used to be part of late October customs — although I never threw them myself — and I supposed a single three-inch candy bar could earn me a three-egg ommelette on the front windows.

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