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In Hot Water

This past summer, I jumped at the chance to buy a used “Softub 300.” These small, circular pools are similar to hot tubs — they’re just much lighter and easier to move. They’re also supposed to be inexpensive to keep hot, as heat generated by the water pump is used to warm the water.

I’ve used the 300-gallon, eight-jet, 95-degree tub just about every night since late August. The first night, it was like being in a washing machine — lots of foam showed up. I’ve finally figured out the chemical equations; a couple teaspoons worth of white powder are added every night. So now I’m an Aqua Velva man by day, a chlorinated man by night.

My mocha-colored “Softub” also has lights — the selection includes the spectrum, plus a setting for a light show that gives me each color for a second or two. On most nights, I get a little steam, a little spray and a little fizz rising from the swirling waters. So now I know what an Alka-Seltzer tablet feels like.

But oh, what a relief the “Softub” is. It’s a great way to alleviate stress at the end of the day, warms you up and puts you in the mood to sleep. Beer does the same thing, but it’s just not as relaxing. And the tub has no hangover factor. I’m already looking forward to my first snowy night in the water. I’m not looking forward to the brisk run to the house that will follow.

Better living through hydrology has another benefit — my fingernails have never been cleaner!

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