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by Jeff Wilkin

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Drives to decency are on many agendas this time of year.

The holidays have ended, and people who have been eating Christmas cookies, deviled eggs and assorted buffet dishes since Thanksgiving are now trying to cut calories. They’re back to more salads and ice water, and trying to keep spiral hams, sodas, mashed potatoes and all that gravy away from their 2014 menus.

My resolutions are probably like a lot of others — eat healthier, exercise more, get to bed earlier. But there are temptations. I’ve noticed that just as folks are beginning their January routines, the fast food businesses seem to step up their post-holiday promotions.

I just received a large coupon circular from Burger King in the mail. These coupons are my favorite deals, buy one Whopper hamburger or chicken sandwich and get another for free. I’ve seen more commercials from McDonald’s and KFC — our friends at Kentucky Fried Chicken — in which dollar menus and convenient cups full of chicken are all the rage. The Subway sandwich shops are promoting $5 subs for the entire month, and while I would rather unwrap a tuna-and-provolone sub than a Big Mac, I think a big salad with chick peas, tomatoes, onions and lettuce is still the healthier and more calorie-conscious choice.

I think executives at Burger King, McDonalds and the other fast ones know the score when it comes to January. They worry business will fade during the early stages of the new year, with all these plump people and their annoying campaigns against calories. So they offer their deals, expecting that people will bite. They don’t want customers to break their Egg McMuffin, milk shake and onion ring habits.

As I’m a sucker for a bargain. I expect those Burger King coupons will soon find a place in my wallet. And I’ll soon find a place on my shopping list for two Whoppers. In my defense, the only time I’ll go into one of these joints is if I have a buy one-get one coupon! So my trips to the king and clown — Ronald McDonald is still a corporate darling — are kind of rare.

Still, these early January deals are sneaky little tricks. The devil is in the details — and maybe in that side order of french fries.

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