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by Mark Mahoney

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Congress considering return to hidden airfares

When you go on an airline website and plug in your dates and destinations for a trip, the price that appears for that plane ticket is the total cost of what you'll pay for your ticket, including all taxes and fees charged. (It doesn't include individual extras like baggage fees and seat-selection, which is based on an individual's preferences).
Consumers got the right to see the full price two years ago when Congress required airlines to post that price prominently on it websites so travelers would not be deceived as to what they were actually paying. It's one of those truth-in-advertising bills that helps consumers.
But now Congress is considering going back on that action by allowing airlines to post the ticket price and hide the real price somewhere else on the website. If you've ever been frustrated trying to find the actual price of a hotel or rental car on a website, you know what a pain this can be.
On Monday, we ran an editorial opposed to this proposal as a violation of your right to know.
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