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Inspectors to walk streets, knock on doors in Schenectady

The city is nearing the end of its year-long reassessment of properties, which means those pesky int

The city is nearing the end of its year-long reassessment of properties, which means those pesky interior inspections are back on the schedule.

Everyone who wasn’t home when inspectors came by will get one last chance to let inspections inside to count the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other living spaces in their house. Owners can choose to keep the inspectors out, although they will later have to let a city worker in if they object to their new assessment on the grounds that the property information is incorrect.

Inspectors are taking one last walk through each neighborhood over the course of the next few weekends, offering interior inspections to every owner who asked for one.

“We’re going to only do it on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons because that’s when most people are home,” Assessor Patrick Mastro said. “It’s trying to accommodate the people.”

This weekend, inspectors will be on State Street, Nott Street, Eastern Avenue, Albany Street, Cheltingham Avenue and a series of side streets. They will work from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Each week through the end of February, Mastro will announce the streets his inspectors will walk through that weekend.

“We’re trying to get the word out,” he said, noting that in some neighborhoods, very few residents were home when inspectors came by.

“In Hamilton Hill and Vale, almost nobody was home — and when they were, they didn’t want to let you in. Can you blame them?” he said.

Inspectors will be carrying identification. They will only visit the houses where owners called the city to ask for an interior inspection. Those inspections were requested by roughly 10 percent of owners who weren’t home when an inspector came by, Mastro said. About 65 percent of the residents who were home let inspectors in, he added.

Inspectors will spend weekdays finishing the review of the city’s commercial buildings. That review should be done before spring, Mastro said.

Mastro’s goal is to have all data collection finished by May so owners can review their records and correct mistakes. He will then use the data to create new assessments by early 2009.

Since the new assessment roll will be completed after the 2009 tax bill is set, the new assessments will not be used to determine taxes until 2010.

The full list of streets for this weekend’s inspections sweep is:

Albany Street, Alice Street, Austin Place, Booth Avenue, Bradford Road, Broad Street, Buchanan Avenue, Chadwick Road, Cheltingham Avenue, Chiswell Road, Clayton Road, Consaul Road, Daniels Avenue, Fenwick Avenue, Garfield Avenue, Gibson Street, Gifford Road, Gray Street, Helderberg Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue, Jackson Avenue, Kings Road, Lark Street and Laurel Avenue.

Also, Lawnwood Avenue, Linda Lane, Lorraine Avenue, Manchester Road, Marie Street, Marshall Avenue, McDonald Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Oregon Avenue, Park Avenue, Princeton Street, Putnam Street, Ralph Street, Roosevelt Avenue, Sanford Street, Selden Street, State Street, Teller Street, VanZandt Street, Willow Avenue, Wilson Avenue, and Windemere Road.

Also, Avon Road, Beaver Street, Eastern Avenue, Gillespie Street, Glenwood Boulevard, Jackson Avenue, Jackson Place, Landon Terrace, Lowell Road, Nott Street, Oxford Place, Park Avenue, Parkwood Boulevard, Rugby Road, Stratford Road, Union Avenue and Wendell Avenue.

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