Two students hurt in Albany High fight

Two students were injured on Friday morning during a fight at Albany High School and one female stud

Two students were injured on Friday morning during a fight at Albany High School and one female student was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Det. James Miller, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, said the student was arrested as a result of a fight between four girls on the second floor of South House. All the students will be suspended.

The two students slightly injured during the fight were brought to Albany Medical Center for treatment. One was punched in the face and had previously had knee surgery and after the altercation, re-injured her knee.

It’s not clear what prompted the fight.

It’s the latest fight to break out at Albany High School in the last few weeks.

On Dec. 21, just before the Christmas holiday, a principal suffered a rib injury and one student was arrested after two large scale fights, involving dozens of students, broke out at Albany High School.

The fights occurred in the school’s physical education section and cafeteria. Five students were arrested on a variety of charges and two students were suspended after school officials and police reviewed videos and interviewed students.

An estimated 20 police cars responded to Albany High School for that December incident and district officials were trying to contain as many as 100 students during the brawls, according to Ron Lesko, spokesman for the Albany City School district.

“We instituted a new code of conduct for the 2007-08 school years with new policies. Students have to wear identities on lanyards and there is a ban on hoodie sweatshirts and we are going to become tighter on enforcement,’ said Lesko. “We continually remind students and let them know these are the policies and what you have to do in our schools.”

Principal Maxine Fantroy-Ford could not be reached on Friday to comment.

On Sept. 19, another large-scale fight broke out outside the high school, near Washington Avenue and Quail Street, involving as many as 200 students. Two police officers were injured and nine students were arrested.

Metal detectors were installed last year at Albany High School and cell phones, Blackberrys and other electronic communication devices are banned from the beginning of the school day to dismissal.

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