Gloversville school board reviews ‘funny’ e-mail

An e-mail sent Wednesday by Gloversville Middle School Principal James Flint to the entire faculty s

An e-mail sent Wednesday by Gloversville Middle School Principal James Flint to the entire faculty seeks to be humorous but does so using language school officials are now examining.

School board President Katherine Hillock said officials will discuss the e-mail, which she termed a personnel matter that will be dealt with in “an appropriate manner.”

Superintendent Robert DeLilli said he will address the matter but said he cannot say how it will be handled.

DeLilli said it is clear Flint intended to offer his faculty “a little levity with a message” on the eve of the annual standardized tests that begin next week.

DeLilli rejected any suggestion that the e-mail uses a dialect that might be construed as racist.

Another board member, asserting the e-mail was intended to motivate the faculty, said Flint might have chosen an unfortunate way to express it.

“Should he have done it? No,” said the board member, who asked not to be identified. “Did he mean anything racist by it? I’m sure he did not.”

The e-mail lists its subject as: “we almos be dare,” and continues — “it tyme to pu yoa hans togeta an prase de tate ob new yok foa letin it be jannnnary … you wants ta noe y? becus afta does tess be dun yews ain’t gots to fret no moe caus we be foa shoa offf da dad bern liss.”

The passage refers to the school’s status on the government’s list of schools in need of improvement. A poor result on the English language arts exam three years ago placed the middle school on the list. The school did well last year, but it must show improvement for two consecutive years to be removed from the list, DeLilli said.

The middle school faculty has been under stress preparing for the four days of testing, DeLilli said.

“Jim has done an unbelievable job at getting them focused,” DeLilli said of the faculty.

After the attempt at humor, Flint goes on in the e-mail to encourage the faculty to keep working hard to achieve the necessary test results with students.

“I do believe it is going to happen!!!! You better too because what you believe is more important to these kids than what I believe,” he writes. “It is through the efforts of a whole bunch of you that this could and should be the final version … you have done a remarkable job … so please 1 more time for the Jimber … sail on, sail on … think powerfully good thoughts,” he concludes, adding, “success comes before work only in the dictionary.”

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