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Man pleads guilty to eavesdropping

A man whose felony eavesdropping trial ended in a hung jury last fall pleaded guilty to the charge o

A man whose felony eavesdropping trial ended in a hung jury last fall pleaded guilty to the charge on Friday, authorities said.

David Monty admitted to using a computer to intercept his estranged wife’s messages to her son.

He pleaded while facing the prospect of felony perjury counts connected to testimony he gave at his September trial and at an earlier divorce proceeding, prosecutor Jessica Lorusso said.

“It was nice to have it resolved to put closure on it,” Lorusso said, “so his ex-wife doesn’t have to go through this again.”

Prosecutors alleged Monty stalked his estranged wife with online communication in which he disclosed personal information about her and clients at her job. The Internet posting eventually got her fired.

The eavesdropping charge centered around instant message conversations Monty intercepted illegally.

Monty’s attorney, Stephen Rockmacher, said Friday’s plea was in the best interests of his client. It includes a sentence of 18 months to 3 years. He’s already served a good portion of his time, Rockmacher said. He could meet with the parole board by March and be out as early as late spring.

The possible perjury count also threatened to extend his exposure. That potential charge related to comments Monty made at trial admitting to acts, the same acts he denied in divorce proceedings earlier.

His ex-wife, who has asked her name not be used, was granted the divorce based on cruel and inhuman treatment.

She said she will work to ensure he spends the full three years in prison, writing letters to urge he remain in. She has described experience with Monty as horrible. She lost her long-time job. And then there was the stress.

She said she was relieved at Friday’s plea.

“It’s done and over with and I can get on with my life,” she said. “It’s like a big weight has been lifted.”

She also was granted a five-year order of protection against Monty.

Monty was first arrested in April 2006, but the felony eavesdropping charge didn’t come until he was indicted in March 2007.

Originally there were also accusations that Monty stole wireless Internet signals. Prosecutors set those aside to focus on the stalking and eavesdropping accusations.

His ex-wife thanked the Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office and state police for pursuing a difficult and complicated case.

“They both worked so very hard on this,” she said. “I appreciate everything they’ve done.

“I won’t get [my job] back, but at least it gives me some sense of justice.”

The case was heard in Schenectady County Court.

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