Logjam appears to be broken for 54-unit condo proposal

After more than two years seeking village water and sewer services for a proposed 54-unit condominiu

After more than two years seeking village water and sewer services for a proposed 54-unit condominium apartment complex, developer Mark Nadeau said Wednesday he is willing to let the 60-acre site in the town become part of the village.

The annexation process can be done within six weeks, Deputy Mayor Sandy MacKay said.

“It’s a worthwhile project and the thing that was holding it up was the water [dispute],” town Supervisor Roger Cohn said Wednesday.

“If Cobleskill is going to move ahead and get it in gear, I personally don’t see a problem,” Cohn said.

“The project was kind of put on hold,” but Cohn said he encouraged those involved to reconsider the issues after he was elected supervisor last fall. Nadeau has already built one four-unit building and a separate six-bay garage building on the Mineral Springs Road site. He said he plans a total of 14 buildings over the next five to eight years, with expectations to sell the units as condominiums under a homeowners association.

Village officials generally favored the annexation plan in discussing the process at a Village Board meeting this week after receiving a letter from Nadeau’s attorney, Cheryl Parsons Reul, proposing to proceed.

Trustee William Gilmore said the progress followed meetings between himself, Nadeau and Mayor Mike Sellers in late December, after Gilmore was elected a trustee in November.

“For the past six months the mayor has yessed me to death, and he did absolutely nothing,” Nadeau said Wednesday.

In September, Sellers had indicated the parties were close to resolving the water and sewer issues, but in a later meeting, discussion was held in a nonpublic session because of possible litigation.

“We had to threaten them with a lawsuit before they’d do anything,” Nadeau said.

Nadeau had expected to obtain village services under a 2005 agreement by then-Mayor Gilmore with him and two other developers, including the Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse company.

After Sellers defeated Gilmore and became mayor in December 2005, the Village Board rejected the Gilmore agreement and required such projects to become part of the village before receiving water services. Eventually, Lowe’s decided to proceed with plans to use private wells and build its own sewage treatment plant for a proposed store complex next to the Wal-Mart, just outside the village line.

The other housing developer, OneKey Development, annexed its vacant 143-acre site along Mineral Springs Road into the town last year.

Nadeau’s Donat’s Brow condo project is a few hundred yards from the Village Hall on Mineral Springs Road. The 60.09-acre site is owned by his father, Edward Nadeau.

“My father is of the day when a man’s word was his bond,” Mark Nadeau said of the 2005 Gilmore administration agreement to sell water and sewer services at 11⁄2 times the in-village rate.

“So we proceeded    and rather than take it to the courts, we tried to wait,” Mark Nadeau said.

“I’m not in any way saying I have a problem with the project    [but] I’m not willing to agree to connecting water and sewer without annexation,” MacKay said. “We can’t do for Mark what we aren’t doing for everybody else.”

“They have treated me a lot worse,” Nadeau said Wednesday.

“There’s no intent to circumvent anything,” Gilmore said, noting that the first step now is up to town officials.

Cohn said the annexation process is likely to be discussed at the next scheduled Town Board meeting on Feb. 11.

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