Gloversville police highest paid city employees

Police Chief John Harzinski sat atop the city payroll list in 2007 with total compensation of $93,53

Police Chief John Harzinski sat atop the city payroll list in 2007 with total compensation of $93,534.

Though his base salary last year was $74,859, Harzinski was able to boost his income by nearly $20,000 by selling unused holiday, sick time and vacation time back to the city.

He sold $8,668 in holiday time, $4,318 in sick time and $2,780 in vacation time. He was also paid $2,175 in longevity.

The previous year, Harzinski was paid $91,827 on a base salary of $72,621.

As in past years, police officers were the highest paid city employees. For 2007, five officers were paid over $70,000, and another 10 made more than $60,000.

Fire Chief Douglas Edwards was paid $70,491 last year on a base salary of $69,630, but he was appointed part way through the year and his compensation included nearly $4,300 in overtime accrued before his promotion.

There were six others in the Fire Department paid over $60,000 last year.

Police Department spokesman Capt. James Lorenzoni said that while total pay exceeded base salaries in many cases, much of the overtime paid to the officers originated from various grant programs. As a result, he argued, “the salary figures are misleading.”

And, he said, concessions made by the Police Benevolent Association in its last contract eliminated the long-held privilege of selling back personal and sick time and put a cap on selling back holiday and vacation time at 175 hours. Those contract provisions do not apply to Harzinski.

The other city employees making up the top 10 include:

Lorenzoni — $75,942 on a base salary of $61,900.

Capt. Richard Miles — $75,066 on a base salary of $61,900.

Capt. Edgar Beaudin — $73,511 on a base salary of $61,900.

Officer D. Coupas — $73,044 on a base salary of $45,988.

Fire Chief Douglas Edwards — $70,491 on a base salary of $69,630.

Detective Joseph Nowak — $70,055 on a base salary of $51,979.

Sgt. R. Porter — $69,736 on a base salary of $53,352.

Firefighter K. Quinn — $68,343 on a base salary of $40,684. Quinn was paid $20,164 in overtime.

Sgt. J. Sira — $67,678 on a base salary of $53,352.

Fire Dept. Battalion Chief B. Whitman-Putnam — $66,870 on a base salary of $49,150.

Many police officers boosted their income in part by selling back unused holiday time, some as much as $4,700.

Fire Department personnel also sold unused holiday time, but augmented their numbers by also selling unused sick and personal time. A number of Fire Department employees sold back more than $2,800 in sick time.

In other departments, Department of Public Works Street Maintenance Supervisor D. Morrison made $57,836 based on a salary of $38,521. Morrison was paid $11,897 in overtime.

Some departed city employees were paid relatively well last year, including retired Fire Chief Steven Santa Maria, who made $85,882 despite leaving in June. He enhanced his income by selling back $41,316 in sick time and $5,508 in vacation time.

Former city clerk Gary Margiotta did not work for the city in 2007. He was fired Dec. 29, 2006. But, he was paid $24,002 consisting of $15,804 in sick time buy outs and $4,001 in vacation buy outs. Under his contract, the city was obligated to pay him for January.

Mayor Tim Hughes, who ranks low on the city pay list, made $39,753 last year on a base salary of $37,546. He was paid $1,650 for unused vacation time.

Lorenzoni, making the point that much of the police overtime is paid by outside sources, said $26,000 was provided by the Fulton County Traffic Safety Board for Driving While Intoxicated patrols; about $7,000 from the Gloversville Enlarged School District for security; more than $6,000 from the state’s Buckle up New York program; more than $6,000 from the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program’s Promise; and more than $9,000 from a grant obtained by Fulton County District Attorney Louise K. Sira.

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