Outdoors books: Now’s a good time to catch up on your reading

Looking for some good winter reading? Here are several recent publications that are on my “Best of t

Looking for some good winter reading? Here are several recent publications that are on my “Best of the Outdoors Books” list. All are well-written and informative.


Having hunted both big game and small game in both the U.S. and Mexico with author Tom

McIntyre, I know how demanding he is of his equipment; and if it doesn’t perform to his standards, it will not make it to the hunt. He has told me on several occasions, “Good optics can make or break a hunt, just as shooting skills and rifle selection can.”

And while most hunters often spend more money on optical equipment than they do rifles, they usually know little about “glass.”

In this 168-page Lyons Press publication, McIntyre reviews all of the rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders available to today’s hunter and sportsman.

The author spent many hours in the field with quite a few good and some bad optics, all of which added to his knowledge and understanding of what makes one superior to another. And his research included putting these optics through rigorous tests for clarity and endurance, as well as exposing them to all types of weather conditions. And it is the knowledge he has gained from these tests that he shares with you, as well as his ratings of each.

Not only does this book take the guesswork out of choosing your

optics, but it also will elaborate on how you should use his findings in determining exactly what

optics you will need in your hunting and/or in the field adventures.

“Field & Stream Hunting Optics” has a suggested retail price of $16, and can be found in bookstores or online at Amazon.com.


If you are a multi-game hunter, then this soft-covered, 160-page, well-illustrated book by Capt. James A. Smith belongs right alongside your rifle, shotgun, handgun or bow and arrow whenever you go afield. Published by Stoeger Books, the guide thoroughly explains and illustrates the special techniques and know-how you need to successfully field-dress almost every species of North American game.

It also includes habitat infor­mation for each species along with step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions on skinning your game.

Also in this book are instructions on the proper methods for preparing and transporting large game, cooling game, safe food handling, choosing the proper tools and even the right way to cape out and skin your trophy for the taxidermist.

The “Pocket Field Dressing Guide” has a suggested retail price of $7.95, and is available in bookstores, sporting goods stores or online at Amazon.com.


MODELS 70 & 94

The hunters’ and shooters’ love for the Winchester Model 70 and 94 is worldwide, and interest in these two models has increased even more since the closing of the Winchester manufacturing plant in New Haven, Conn. in 2006.

In memory of these great guns, Shooting Times Magazine has released a 138-page, all-color mag­azine filled with articles ranging from the original gun reviews from the 1960s on up to current times.

Other features include shooting techniques, illustrations of original Winchester artwork and collectibles, and even photos of famous gun writer Jack O’Connor’s personal model 70s collection. Add to this excerpts from the 28th Edition “Blue Book of Gun Values” giving current values of these two favorites.

Check the newsstand for copies of the magazine or you can call (800) 260-6397 to order one. Price, including shipping, is $8.

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