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Saratoga County office suffers water damage

For the second time in three months, Saratoga County has had a minor flood in one of its office b


For the second time in three months, Saratoga County has had a minor flood in one of its office buildings, but this one has left officials mystified.

County buildings and grounds crews were expected to work through the night Monday to restore parts of the county Department of Social Services offices that were damaged by flooding sometime over the weekend.

About half of the first floor of the county Services Building at 152 W. High St. sustained water damage because of a leak whose source is still unknown, said Rick Gardner, the county’s deputy public works commissioner for buildings and grounds.

That floor is occupied entirely by the county social services department, where about 200 people work. Gardner said he expects restoration work to mean the offices will be open as usual this morning.

The damage was discovered Monday morning, and whatever the source of the water was over the weekend, the leaking had already stopped, Gardner said.

Officials are still trying to determine where the water came from, he said, but have ruled out a leak in the roof. “It’s baffling,” Gardner acknowledged.

The water also knocked out the building’s telephone service and officials were also trying to get that restored, said Paul Lent, the county’s emergency services director.

“It’s a busy time of year,” he said of the social services department, whose responsibilities include administering the Home Energy Assistance Program.

Gardner said he doesn’t believe any files or electronic equipment were damaged, but that won’t be known for sure until caseworkers return this morning. The offices were closed Monday because of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day national holiday.

Gardner and Lent said the damage is similar in extent to what happened last November when a hot water pipe broke in a building in the main county complex and flooded parts of the district attorney’s office. Those offices were closed for a day before they could reopen.

The Services Building was built in 1993, making it the county’s newest office building, and is located about a quarter-mile from the main county complex. Other offices in the building, including the Office for the Aging, Youth Bureau, Probation, Employment and Training, and Veterans Services, are not believed to have been affected.

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