Dutch company takes over NIS operations

Dutch firm KEMA announced Thursday it has acquired the assets of Schenectady-based testing firm Nort

Dutch firm KEMA announced Thursday it has acquired the assets of Schenectady-based testing firm Northeast Inspection Services for an undisclosed sum.

NIS had operated independently for 20 years providing testing services primarily to the power generation industry and more specifically, turbine related testing and inspections for turbine manufacturers, commercial utilities and individual plant sites, according to the company’s Web site.

Joop Kraijesteijn, director for KEMA’s North American technical and operational services division, said KEMA has hired an additional employee at NIS and plans to expand its business.

“We offered all of the 14 existing employees jobs with KEMA, which they accepted,” Kraijesteijn said. “NIS has an existing client base they work for and KEMA is working in the utility industry as well. We already work for those clients but before we acquired NIS we had to fly in people from Europe to do the work. Now that we have people on the ground, we can do it locally. Plus we add extra service to the client base of NIS.”

The merging of the two companies’ client bases is expected to result in growth that will necessitate more local hiring, although KEMA officials set no official target for how many employees they expect to hire.

KEMA was founded in 1927 and specializes in high-level business and technical consulting, operational support, measurement and inspection, and testing and certification. KEMA said some of its major clients include companies in the energy and utility sector as well as investors, government agencies and major industrial electricity consumers. It employs approximately 1,500 people in 20 countries.

KEMA said the acquisition of NIS will roughly double its capacity for nondestructive testing — which leaves the object being tested unharmed, as opposed to testing that may disassemble or damage the object. Nondestructive testing is the specialty of NIS.

Kraijesteijn said former NIS President Angelo Tarantino will now be the managing director of NIS under KEMA and will remain with the company for “at least another three years.”

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