Johnstown housing plan is unveiled

The Fulton County Economic Development Corp. proposed a new housing development in the south end tha

The Fulton County Economic Development Corp. proposed a new housing development in the south end that would result in 30 condominium units and 19 building lots on about 30 acres.

The plans, which will be reviewed by the Planning Board next week, were forwarded to the city by the Crossroads Incubator Corp., the real-estate arm of the EDC.

EDC officials said the corporation purchased the land — off Chestnut Street and Pennsylvania Avenue — about seven years ago. Part of the property was used to develop a 50,000-square-foot warehouse for ETA Transportation.

The remaining 30 acres are targeted for housing now, something that pleased Mayor Sarah Slingerland.

“We do not have enough housing stock here in the city and there are a number of large tracts and we’re looking forward to working with the CIC,” she said Tuesday.

The news comes a week after the Common Council rejected a bid from a private developer who was going to build homes on the Mapleton Tract near the Pleasant Avenue Elementary School.

Slingerland said that there are other developers interested in the property. Developers will have to install infrastructure and utilities.

Lisa McCoy, EDC marketing director, said project costs and a timeline for the so-called Empie Estates project in the south end are not yet available.

“The CIC is looking for a developer to get involved in the project and no cost estimates or timeline will be available until that happens,” she said.

But, she said, EDC officials are actively responding to the city’s call for more residential development.

“For a very long time there hasn’t been any new housing development in the city and we keep hearing that’s a void in the community,” McCoy said.

The EDC is proposing the project in two phases. The first phase calls for the development of 30 condos and garages in six buildings on a little more than 9 acres.

They would be located on Hudson Avenue, a yet-to-be-built cul-de-sac off Genesee Street.

The condos would sell for $100,000 to $150,000 and the units would range from 650 square feet for a one-bedroom unit to 1,850 square feet for a two-bedroom unit.

The second phase of the development, on a little more than 18 acres off Chestnut Street south of the condos, calls for a 19-lot subdivision with building lots ranging in size from about a half-acre to 1.5 acres.

“From our experience, the city of Johnstown needs new homes to meet the demand from its citizens,” EDC officials said in their project description.

“It is our intent to develop and improve the land and look for experienced condominium home builders to build out the project,” officials added.

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