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Glenville raises service fees

If you have to do business at Town Hall, better be prepared to open your wallet wider.

If you have to do business at Town Hall, better be prepared to open your wallet wider.

The Town Board on Wednesday agreed to increase fees for a variety of town services. Supervisor Frank Quinn said the town had not raised its fees substantially in the last four years. The board wanted to increase them to reflect the cost of providing these services. “Our expenses keep going up. We’ve got to keep track of the revenue side too,” he said.

Quinn said the board had planned to increase the fees and included the revenue in the budget. The increases are supposed to generate between $30,000 and $35,000 in additional revenue, assuming the activity level at Town Hall stays the same.

Town Administrator Tony Germano said the town’s previous fees were on the low end when compared to surrounding communities. Now, the town is in the middle or upper end of the spectrum.

Most of the fees deal with building and construction projects. Residential building construction permit fees increased from $2.20 per $1,000 of construction value to $2.50 per $1,000. Commercial and nonresidential construction permits are also now $2.50 per $1,000 of construction value.

The town is also changing the fees for review of site plans. Residential site plan increases from $150 to $275 for five units and $50 for each additional unit. For nonresidential site plans, where previously the fee was a flat $150, it now is based on the size of the development. The new fees for nonresidential projects range from $350 to $4,000.

Fees to obtain various town documents are also increasing. A copy of the zoning ordinance is increasing from $5 to $15 and the zoning map is increasing from $10 to $15.

Cost of a new water meter increases from $180 to $200 and a septic disposal system increases to $50 for repair of a residential system and $100 for new construction. For commercial buildings, the fee is $150 for repairs and $200 for new construction.

The fee for an emergency response to between one and four false fire alarms is increasing from $25 to $50 and from $50 to $75 for five or more offenses.

Meanwhile, the vehicle impoundment fee goes from $15 to $25 per day and from $150 to $250 per month, the fee for peddlers and vendors increases from $100 to $150, the home occupation registration fee is increasing from $25 to $50 and the dog seizure fee is increasing to $50.

In other business, the board approving rezoning 110 acres of Schlensker Drive and Swaggertown Road to rural residential/agricultural. Owner Daniel McDevitt wants to purchase the land and raise livestock and crops on the property.

In a 2-2 vote, the board denied a request to rezone 35 acres of a 43-acre parcel of land at 38 Onderdonk Road from suburban residential to rural residential/agricultural. Property owners Whitney Lawlor and Aleda Wright want to keep two horses on the property.

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