Scholastic profile: Lawyer in tune with lane conditions

Adam Lawyer, a 14-year-old sophomore is already in his third season as a varsity bowling standout at

“Ten Seconds and Counting Down.”

That’s the name of Adam Lawyer’s four-person band, but it also comes close to the amount of time it takes for the Schalmont sophomore to conquer a new challenge.

An outstanding student who carries a 96 classroom average, despite skipping the second grade, Lawyer is one of the bowling stars for the Colonial Council champion Sabres this season. In his spare time, he runs for the Schalmont cross country team and serves as secretary of both the student council and Key Club.

On the lanes, Lawyer shows savvy much beyond his years. Although he is a 10th grader, this is his third season on the Schalmont varsity, where he has been first or second on the team in average each year, and was a second-team all-star as a freshman. He’s averaging 210 in scholastic competition, 212 in the Boulevard Bowl junior program and 215 in the Joey Schmidt Capital District Junior Pro-Scoring League.

“I’ve got two 299 games so far, and I left solid 10-pins both times,” said Lawyer, who comes from a long line of excellent bowlers, including his father, Keith, who bowls in the Schenectady League.

“My high triple is a 773. I’ve been bowling juniors since I was 9 years old.”

Although Lawyer has an excellent physical game, Schalmont bowling coach Hugo McGroty said his strength is the way he approaches the game.

“His understanding of the game is remarkable,” said McGroty. “The great thing about him is the way he can adapt to tough cond­itions. He has two 700s this season, and both were on tough, challenging shots.

“I believe his versatility really helps him. He can throw it straight and hard, or he can slow it down and get a lot of hand in the ball. He can bowl either way. His father taught him well.”

“I bowl the way the conditions are,” said Lawyer. “I use whatever equipment I happen to have. Right now, I’m using an Ebonite NVS. It’s a good ball, but I experiment with different things from time to time. I also use a hard rubber ball for my spares. The way I bowl depends on the shot. I don’t crank it too much, but I do have a little hand in it.

“My dad has helped me out a lot, He used to do all of my coaching until he started running the junior program at Rolling Greens. Then he kind of backed off and let me go my own way. Bowling is definitely a family thing in our house. It kind of goes down the chain.”

Although he is a natural in the sport, Lawyer doesn’t know how serious he will become.

“I still think it’s too early to tell,” he said.

Lawyer used to play baseball, but ran out of time in his busy schedule.

“I used to pitch, play catcher and shortstop in two years of Babe Ruth,” he said. “But I got a job last spring, and I kind of lost interest.”

He picked up cross country on a whim.

“I just wanted to see if I could do it. I wanted to try to do something new,” he said.

Besides bowling, Lawyer’s passion is his music.

“I play rhythm guitar, and I’m the lead singer for our band,” he said proudly. “Two of our guys go to Schalmont, and two go to Mohonasen. My drummer has a setup in his bedroom so we can practice.”

Lawyer says his group plays mostly modern and pop rock, although he admits to listening to classic rock on occasion.

“We’re getting ready to play in a band competition on March 8 in Albany,” he said. “I pretty much write all of our music. We’ve got about seven or eight songs so far. I’ve only been writing songs for a couple of months. I get an idea and write it down on paper.”

Lawyer was in his school chorus until he was in seventh grade and also played the alto saxophone before switching to the rhythm


Only 14, Lawyer is already a successful student, bowler, runner and musician. Give him a little time, and maybe he can find something else to conquer.

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