Young proves he needs little practice

Practice makes perfect, unless you’re Jeff Young. The 23-year-old Delmar res-ident admits that since

Practice makes perfect, unless you’re Jeff Young.

The 23-year-old Delmar res-ident admits that since he started working at Del Lanes, he practices less than he used to, but that didn’t stop him from capturing his first Northern Bowlers Association title Sunday at Sportsman’s Bowl.

Young, who ripped a 267 in his second game and a 269 in game

No. 4, held off Brainard’s Gary Bingham and Ballston Spa’s Bob Smith by 38 pins with a five-game pinfall of 1,214 in the NBA’s Sportsman’s Open. He earned $800 for the win. Bingham and Smith took home $320 each.

Rounding out the cashers were Dan Furman of Latham (1,170, $150), Mark James of Watervliet (1,169, $100), Craig Taylor of Rotterdam (1,168, $85), Jeff Zielonko of Green Island (1,146, $75), Joe Mazuryk of Duanesburg (1,138, $65) and Mike Drexel of Delanson (1,137, $60). A total of 45 bowlers competed in the fifth NBA event of the season.

Young, a graduate of Bethlehem Central High School, spent two years at Vincennes University in Indiana. He’s currently working at Del Lanes while he starts up his own landscaping company.

“One of the downfalls of working at Del Lanes is that I don’t practice as much as I used to,” he said. “But maybe you shouldn’t write down down. People will think this is easy. The reason I don’t practice is that every time I go to Del with the intention of practicing, I end up working.”

Young, who uses Ebonite and Hammer equipment, was able to maintain his line to the pocket all five games without many adjustments.

“I just had to make a few minor changes,” he said. “For the most part, I was able to play just outside the second arrow. I didn’t have to go any deeper than [board] 13.”

Clifton Park’s Rick Mochrie Jr. took the lead after game one with a 258, a pin ahead of Jay Diamond.

In the second game, Ravena’s Matt Sherman rolled a 289 to move into the lead, but he struggled with a 184 in the third game, and a 170 in game No. 4.

Sherman still held a 12-pin advantage over Young after the third game, but Young’s 269 moved him into the top spot following the fourth game, and he clinched the win with a final-game 230.

Bingham, a lefty who won the NBA’s Stockade Open at Boulevard Bowl earlier in the season, finished with a 255 to move from seventh to a tie for second. “If I could have gotten a few more pins, I may have made a move toward the top, but I’m happy with the way I finished,” said Bingham.

“I knew I had to shoot a solid game in my final game, because there were a lot of big games being shot on the other side of the house,” said Young, pointing to a 290 from Taylor, a 280 from Mazuryk and a 277 from Ken Stroud.

“I was expecting something tougher as far as the conditions were concerned, but I’m happy with the way I bowled. I could use the money.

Today, I just stayed in in the same area all day, and was very fortunate.”


Cashers — Jeff Young (Delmar) 1,214, $800; Gary Bingham (Brainard) 1,176, $320; Bob Smith (Ballston Spa) 1,176, $320; Dan Furman (Latham) 1,170, $150; Mark James (Watervliet) 1,169, $100; Craig Taylor (Rotterdam) 1,168, $85; Jeff Zielonko (Green Island) 1,146, $75; Joe Mazuryk (Duanesburg) 1,138, $65; Mike Drexel (Delanson) 1,137, $60.

Other top bowlers — Randy Koehler 1,132, Al Anderson Jr. 1,132,Matt Sherman 1,127, Pete Dougherty 1,099, John Alix 1,095, Jamie Diamond 1,089, Lee Aiezza 1,085, Les Douglas 1,084, Dave Bingham 1,083, Mark Taylor 1,p81, Ron Unser 1,080, Sonny Dorstek 1,080, Bob Rowe 1,073, Bob Faragon 1,69, Warren Guernsey 1,067, Tony Palumbo 1,057, Joel Donato 1,049, Ron Gardner 1,048, Jay Diamond 1,044, Ken Stroud 1,037, Bob Berdar 1,034, T.J. Milette 1,32, Tom Warner 1,025, Jody Becker 1,023, Mike DeGenero Jr. 1,007, Darrell Coonrad 1,004, Russ Hunter 999, Rick Mochrie Jr. 980, Pete Linck 970, Nunzi Manuli 966, Chuck Douglas 959.

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