Amsterdam mayor addresses chamber members

New Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane highlighted some of the positive changes she expects to make during he

Local business owners filled the dining room at Crystal Ristorante this morning as Mayor Ann Thane presented a second State of the City address during a Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce business breakfast.

Thane highlighted some of the positive changes she expects to make during her time in office, including revitalizing the downtown business district, the riverfront, the city’s South Side and the Mohasco site.

She also urged business owners, who she called “leaders of the community”, to believe in the city’s potential as much as she does.

“I love this job, I love this city and I believe in its future. I want you all to believe in it with me,” she said.

Crystal Ristorante owner Tony Centi said if more people catch on to Thane’s positivity, Amsterdam will be “a force to be reckoned with.”

“It’s so nice to listen to her because she is so up beat,” Centi said. “I really think she believes in what she is saying. If that catches on, then watch out.”

Carol Constantino, president of The Noteworthy Co., said it is important for the community, especially the local business community, to stand by the mayor.

“She is the head of the community. It’s always important to stand by the mayor,” she said.

Jeremy Silverman, vice president of Geo-Environmental Management Solutions, said he is standing by the mayor.

“She has a great vision for the city and she has a great palate to work with and we’re all rooting for her,” he said.

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