Gardner, Bixler advance to semis

Ron Gardner has appeared on the Huck Finn/Northeast Bowling Proprietors of New York's “Capital Regio

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SCHENECTADY — Ron Gardner has appeared on the Huck Finn/Northeast Bowling Proprietors of New York’s “Capital Region Bowling Show” six previous times, including once with his daughter, Kate Messemer, in a previous mixed doubles event.

Sunday at Sportsman’s Bowl, Gardner did a little mixing of his own, teaming with his other daughter, Andrea Bixler, to earn a return trip to the mixed doubles semi­finals.

The 57-year-old Troy bowler rolled a 300 game, and his daughter added a 225 to defeat Chuck Slater and Janet Wohr, 545-468, to earn one of four spots in the TV

finals. Gardner usually bowls mixed

doubles events with his other daughter, who is one of the area’s top women bowlers, but Sunday, Bixler took some time off from her role as mom to her baby boy, Christian, and showed that her sister isn’t the only Gardner daughter with talent on the lanes.

“I used to bowl quite a bit,” said Bixler. “I bowled collegiately at

Sacred Heart, but I haven’t bowled in about a year because of my new baby. When my dad asked me to bowl with him, I had to get a ball drilled, and get some practice in. I’m sure people were wondering who my dad was bowling with, because they haven’t seen me on the lanes much.”

“That was a great way to clinch another spot on TV,” said the veteran Gardner about his perfect game. “I used a new Columbia Momentum ball that I just got drilled up at Hometown Lanes. I’ve already got two perfect games with it.

“I had to keep striking, because my opponent [Slater] kept on striking, also, and I didn’t think he would stop,” said Gardner, who has 35 perfect games and 14 800 triples.

Another father-daughter tandem also earned a berth on TV when Bob Rowe and Courtney Rowe topped Sportsman’s co-owner Mike Guidarelli and Flo Dufek, 480-470. Bob Rowe, a 49-year-old veteran from North East Greenbush, rolled a 258 game. This will be his sixth TV appearance. He has six perfect games and three 800 triples on his resume. Courtney Rowe, who carries a 202 average at Spare Time Latham, will be making her first TV appearance.

“I wasn’t nervous at all,” she said. “I was just trying to stay up with my dad.”

Also qualifying for the mixed doubles TV show were Scott Rogers and Kate Feiden. Rogers, a left-hander, carries a 227 average at Hilltop Bowl and a 231 average at Olympic Lanes.

“This is our third year in a row making the show,” Rogers said. “Kate is a great partner. We just feed off each other.”

“Having bowled in this so many times, I’m not as nervous as I used to be,” said the 25-year-old Feiden, who carries a 197 average.

She has an unusual release, where she falls off-balance when she lets go of the ball, but it seems to work extremely well for her.

“People have tried to change it, but I’ve stopped trying,” she said. “I don’t have great balance, but at least I keep repeating my shots.”


Qualifiers: K. Feiden-S. Rogers 1,470,

N. Perkins-J. Yando 1,459, J. Wohr-C. Slater 1,455, F. Dufek-M. Guidarelli 1,451, C. Rowe-B. Rowe 1,435, A. Bixler-R. Gardner 1,434, L. New-J. Piser 1,425, Jim Frankowski-Jill Frankowski 1,424.

Quarterfinals: Rogers-Feiden def. Frankowski-Frankowski, 488-398; Perkins-Yando def. New-Piser, 500-447; Bixler-Gardner def. Wohr-Slater, 545-468; B. Rowe-

C. Rowe def. Dufek-Guidarelli, 480-470.

Other cashers: P. Jones-J. Margiasso 1,416, M. Drexel-J. Drexel 1,403, M. Hildreth-R. Paradiso 1,403, S. Allen-B. Caputo Jr. 1,399.

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