Time Warner raising most service rates

Along with gasoline, eggs and movie tickets, consumers can add local cable television to their list

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Along with gasoline, eggs and movie tickets, consumers can add local cable television to their list of things that are costing more money.

Time Warner Cable customers are being notified of rate increases in some services the company plans to implement starting in April.

Broadcast basic service will remain $12 per month, according to information provided Friday by Time Warner spokesman Peter Taubkin, but many other premiums are increasing.

Taubkin said the cable company is required to give customers 30 days notice of rate changes, though competing mediums do not.

He said those competitors, including Verizon FIOS, DirecTV and Dish Network, all increased their rates as well.

Though the price will be going up, Taubkin said Time Warner customers will see an increase in programming.

“Associated with our announcement is the fact that we’ve continued to add value to our product,” Taubkin said. The company added a total of 41 different channels this year, half of which include high-definition service.

New channels include the NHL Network, Fox Reality, ESPN U, Think Bright, PBS World and ESPN Deportes, among others, Taubkin said.

The “All the Best” package, which gives customers digital telephone with free long-distance, RoadRunner high-speed Internet and digital cable, is increasing from the current rate of $129.90 per month to $133.90, according to Taubkin.

The package, he said, still costs less than its components cost separately.

“Customers getting our All the Best packages are still saving significantly,” he said.

Taubkin said the addition of channels to the service gives consumers more than they’re getting for the increased cost of gasoline and eggs.

He said gasoline is up 65.4 percent compared to last year, and Grade A eggs cost 47 percent more than they did last year, and people aren’t getting more from their eggs or gas.

The cost increases stem from Time Warner’s paying more for programs, Taubkin said.

“We pay them for the right to put the programming on the system, and programming costs go up annually, especially sports programming, it’s the most expensive out there,” Taubkin said.

“Like any business, as our expenses go up, ultimately it has some translation into the rate that we charge our subscribers,” Taubkin said.

Though the rates typically change every year, Taubkin said the Road Runner Internet service hasn’t changed in price since it launched in 1997 and there’s been no change in the digital telephone rates, either.

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