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Police say large-scale cocaine distribution operation busted

Four people have been arrested on high-level drug charges, accused of operating or helping in a larg

Four people have been arrested on high-level drug charges, accused of running or helping a large-scale drug distribution operation throughout Schenectady County, authorities said.

The four are accused of possessing or attempting to possess cocaine in February and March in Schenectady, according to papers filed in court.

Two of those arrested, Oscar Mora, 30, and Kerry Kirkem, 40, no addresses given, are accused of running the “large-scale” operation. They were both arrested Wednesday morning as a result of a police raid at apartments where they lived.

The investigation included wiretaps where calls were intercepted indicating they controlled the alleged distribution operation.

The location of the raid was not included in papers. The papers are signed by an investigator with the state police Community Narcotics Enforcement Team.

State police C-NET Lt. Michael Tietz declined to comment on the case this afternoon, saying only that it was an ongoing investigation and that more arrests are expected.

Schenectady police spokesman Lt. Brian Kilcullen also declined further comment. A federal Drug Enforcement Agency spokeswoman confirmed her agency assisted in the investigation, but referred questions to state police.

Mora and Kirkem were charged with one count each of first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a top-level drug felony.

Also charged today was Gary Cherny, 24, who is accused of working for the distribution operation and of being at an apartment raided Wednesday where more than eight ounces of cocaine was seized.

Cherny was charged with one count of first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The fourth person arrested was Misty Gallo, 23. She is charged with first-degree attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-degree conspiracy.

Gallo is accused of being a “mule” for the operation and selling drugs.

Police seized more than eight ounces of cocaine from her Feb. 20, according to papers. She also allegedly participated in numerous intercepted conversations indicating she helped transport drugs and sold them.

All four were arraigned Wednesday in City Court and ordered held without bail. They are expected to return to court Thursday.

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