Leak focuses attention on Town Hall roof

Town officials are looking to make improvements to the Town Hall.

Town officials are looking to make improvements to the Town Hall.

Town Clerk Linda Bartone-Hughes said the ceiling in the courtroom has begun to leak over the last few months during snow and rain storms. The building was built in 1971.

Gary Kerzic of Delaware Engineering said the Town Hall doesn’t need a new roof as much as new lighter-weight air conditioning units. The current units are too heavy for the roof and have caused sunken spots that create puddling and poor drainage. Kerzic said the units are also about 35 years old and including a heating function that is useless because the Town Hall has a boiler.

Kerzic recommended replacing the four air condition units with new, updated ones and fixing the sections of roof that have settled. He said four new units would cost a total of $8,000 and he estimated that the installation costs would be between $6,000 and $8,000.

“The new air conditioning units are smaller and lighter and will have the same effect as the old units, which are over 35 years old,” he said.

Kerzic said the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority would probably pay for half of the cost to install the air conditioning units, but the town would have to conduct an energy study for the application.

The town authorized Kerzic to conduct the energy study and apply for a NYSERDA grant. The board also authorized Kerzic to replace the air conditioning units and find a contractor to repair the sunken sections of roof.

The Town Board also asked Kerzic to discuss the possibility of installing a generator in case the building loses power. Kerzic estimated that a 50-kilowatt generator with a basic transfer switch, which recognizes when power is lost, would cost about $25,000 and installation would cost between $40,000 and $45,000.

Board member Bart Tessiero and Terry Bieniek both said the cost of the generator, especially the installation costs, were a bit steep. Bieniek said the town might be able to receive state funding to install a generator if the town uses Town Hall as an emergency shelter.

The board decided to seek proposals to determine how much it would cost to purchase and install a generator.

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