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Major road work planned in Glenville

A new roundabout would replace the stop-light intersection of Glenridge Road and Maple Avenue as par

A new roundabout would replace the stop-light intersection of Glenridge Road and Maple Avenue as part of a $10 million, two-year project to begin construction next summer.

The state Department of Transportation will host a meeting from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Glenville Town Hall to discuss the Glenridge Road reconstruction project. The public can begin examining project displays at 5:30 p.m.

Town Planner Kevin Corcoran said a major goal is improving safety of the road, which is traveled by roughly 11,000 vehicles daily. He said there are at least twice as many accidents as would be considered normal for a road of that size. The problem is the road is narrow and “sight-distance visibility is poor,” he said.

The project involves reconstructing a one-mile portion of the road from Maple Avenue to Route 146. Two bridges along this section of road will be widened. The existing single-lane road under the railroad bridge would be replaced with a two-lane road, and the current signal that allows alternating traffic under the bridge would be eliminated.

Glenridge Road would also be widened to include 11-foot travel lanes and six-foot shoulders. In addition, the slope of Glenridge Road east of Bruce Drive would be reduced. The bridge over Glenridge Road near Bruce Drive and the Glenridge Road bridge over the Alplaus Kill would both be widened.

Construction is expected to start in the summer of 2009 and take two years.

Another goal of the project is relieving congestion, Corcoran said.

“You can move more traffic through a roundabout than you could at a signalized intersection,” he said. “It cuts down on air pollution because you don’t have cars idling like you would at a traffic signal.”

In addition, cars have to slow down to go through roundabouts, Corcoran said. Because of the slower speed, there is less likelihood of serious accidents. “You don’t get T-bone accidents if somebody runs a light,” he said.

DOT officials say a small amount of land would be needed to widen the roadway and add shoulder width. Also, some additional land would be needed for the roundabout.

Peter Van Keuren, Capital Region spokesman for the Department of Transportation, said this will improve safety for motorists and pedestrians. Van Keuren said Glenridge Road is a commuter corridor between Clifton Park and the Schenectady County area. “It’s not unusual to see some congestion through it in the morning and afternoon peak hours,” he said.

DOT will need to close lanes during this project, Van Keuren said, but will try not to do them not during peak times. Officials have not set up the schedule. The project would be done in phases, but Van Keuren said the specifics have not been determined.

The project is shared by federal and state funds.

Reconstructing this road has been discussed since the 1960s. Corcoran said there had been some opposition from the public because were residents were worried that increasing the height of the railroad bridges would allow truck traffic to use the road. However, the revised project keeps the clearance roughly the same, though widening the travel lanes. Not doing much to the railroad portion of the bridges lowered the cost of the project. Previous estimates were as high as $30 million.

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