County to air proposed pay raises

Pay increases for some officials in Montgomery County will be subject to public scrutiny at a hearin

Pay increases for some officials in Montgomery County will be subject to public scrutiny at a hearing set for April 22.

The county Board of Supervisors took two actions this week related to paying officials and employees.

The board authorized transferring $44,409 in salary adjustments to about 40 employees, which include incremental increases contingent on employees receiving positive evaluations for their work.

Personnel evaluations already took place for rank-and-file employees, but for the first time, department heads themselves were also subject to evaluations.

Supervisors reviewed department heads’ work using a format similar to that used by the state, county board personnel committee Chairman Thomas DiMezza said.

“It keeps everybody on their toes,” DiMezza said.

The increments themselves range from $265 for a laborer position up to $2,872 for the county personnel officer, according to the resolution.

Those who did not meet the requirements of an evaluation did not receive an increment. Supervisors said there were a few of those cases.

“It will, in my opinion, confirm that our department heads are doing a good job for the most part,” Thomas said.

According to state law, changes in salaries for 10 county department heads are subject to a public hearing.

Several salaries show double-digit percentage increases compared with last year. The increases were based on a study of the salaries in neighboring counties. That study showed disparities between pay in Montgomery County and elsewhere.

Amsterdam 4th Ward Supervisor David Dybas said bringing salaries closer to those in the surrounding area should help stem the departure of employees who find similar positions but higher pay elsewhere.

“We need to be somewhat competitive with our surrounding counties,” Dybas said.

County department head job titles, their current salary, proposed salary, which includes longevity and increment increases, and the percent increase are as follows:

Sheriff — $64,180, $74,639, 16.3 percent.

Social Services Commissioner — $58,699, $68,831, 17.3 percent

Public Works Commissioner — $57,335, $69,413, 21 percent

Treasurer — $57,200, $60,523, 5.6 percent

Personnel Officer — $50,389, $65,637, 30.3 percent

County Clerk — $57,949, $63,327, 9.3 percent

Real Property Tax director — $48,840, $52,728, 8 percent

Purchasing Agent — $38,788, $41,421, 6.8 percent

Election Commissioner 1 — $35,041, $37,048, 5.7 percent

Election Commissioner 2 — $36,191, $38,198, 5.5 percent.

The public hearing on the new salaries is scheduled for 6:50 p.m. on April 22 in the county Board of Supervisors’ chambers at 64 Broadway.

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