Capital Region Scrapbook: Models gave women a taste of summer fashions in 1948 show

Cool and colorful clothing came to Schenectady during the spring of 1948 when models showed off styl

Cool and colorful clothing came to Schenectady during the spring of 1948.

Women loved the new summer dresses, swimsuits and sports blouses that moved gracefully before them — thanks to eight visiting models from the Conover and Barbizon modeling agency in New York City — at the Standard Furniture Co. on Broadway.

Fashion shows were great social events for women during the 1940s. On Thursday, May 27, ladies were seated for three fashion shows at the Broadway store. Models made quick changes for the noon, 3 and 8 p.m. shows, wearing clothing from the sponsoring Jo-Ann shop. There were extras, including narration by Louise Benay of WROW radio, songs by Garry Stevens and music by the Gordie Randall Trio.

Mary Tessier covered the proceedings for the Schenectady Gazette, and showed off an eye for fashion.

“Even women who have never wielded a tennis racquet or pushed a bicycle pedal will want to take up sports when they see the outfits designers have provided for these activities,” Tessier wrote. “Middy blouses in a raft of colors were combined with pedal pushers, simple skirts and slacks, while white cotton T-shirts were equally in evidence.”

Mary said designers were now bullish on cotton.

“It was evident that designers have done some wonderful things with cotton, long noted for its practical qualities but only recently rated high among fashion-right fabrics,” she wrote.

Black cocktail suits, formal dresses and even tricky garments were ready for the racks. Light silk also was in, prints that put fuchsia, green, gray and blue on hangers. Sunblock dresses came with accessories that quickly covered up exposed backs and shoulders.

“More ingenious was the removable short cape that doubles as a peplum (a flared flap attached to the waist of a dress or blouse),” Tessier wrote.

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