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UAlbany adopts slogan to attract best students

It used to be that slogans like “M’m M’m Good” or the “Un-cola” were used strictly to market product

It used to be that slogans like “M’m M’m Good” or the “Un-cola” were used strictly to market products, but these days, in an increasingly competitive market colleges and universities are using branding to attract the best and brightest.

On Monday, the University at Albany joined those ranks and unveiled its first-ever slogan: “The World Within Reach” as a way to market itself, improve its undergraduate rankings and increase its endowment.

The announcement was made with much fanfare, balloons and confetti at a ceremony just after noon at the University Hall atrium.

The project to come up with a “branding initiative” began last spring when the university started to examine how it was perceived by students, the college community and public.

It hired the higher education marketing firm Stamats and the project cost an estimated $260,000. The goal was to better position the university in attracting and recruiting top students, first-tier faculty and administrative staff and the necessary resources to maintain standards of excellence.

The marketing team sought information from students, faculty, staff, alumni, high school guidance counselors and community and business leaders to help examine its identity.

“In all our work we noticed a recurring theme, University at Albany as a place of opportunity and success,” said Interim President George M. Philip.

Philip said it’s important to promote the institution because it must compete for students, faculty, staff and resources.

Slogans help do that.

It’s a long-term investment for the institution, according to Philip, who said a brand is not built in a day, a month or even a year, but slowly over time. (Think “It keeps going and going and going.”)

“This is about capturing the University at Albany in one unified message,” said Susan Phillips, interim provost and vice president of academic affairs.

The “World Within Reach” highlights the university’s location, its modern vision, research, scholarship and diversity that enrich learning and excellence at a great value, she said.

“By the time they graduate, our students have what it takes to contribute and succeed in many fields. In countless ways, UAlbany has put the world within reach for them,” Phillips said.

Elizabeth Gray, class of ‘08, of Ithaca, said the university’s new brand is all about better ways to let everyone know how great the university is. “I could not have afforded to go to a private school. I have taken countless valuable courses and been given a world of opportunity,” said Gray, who studied abroad in Chile while at the University at Albany .

The new slogan will appear in University at Albany publications, on its Web site and in other broadcast and outreach materials created by the University at Albany.

A new advertising campaign that will initially appear in the Capital Region, including the Albany-Rensselaer Train Station and Albany International Airport, also was unveiled on Monday.

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