HondaJet to build facility at Albany airport

Albany International Airport will be the home of a new sales and service facility for HondaJet East.

HondaJet East, a subsidiary of aviation support services company Flightline Group Inc., announced today that Albany International Airport will be the home of its new sales and service facility, which will service HondaJets throughout the Northeast.

Company officials said at a news conference today at the airport that the company will spend about $6 million to build 12,000 square feet of hanger space with room for expansion and about 6,000 square feet for a sales salon and office space. HondaJet East is expected to employ about 30 people to sell and service HondaJets.

Albany was chosen as one of five regional sales and service centers throughout the United States. The other sites include Phoenix, Ariz.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Aurora, Ill.; and Tallahassee, Fla. All of the centers are expected to be built at the same time, with the goal of opening by the second half of 2010.

“[Albany] is an ideal sweet spot for owners that we have who are in the metropolitan New York city area and the Boston area,” HondaJet East Vice President of sales John Hunt said.

None of the planes, which are very light jets with luxury interiors and “over the wing” engine mounts, have yet been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. The jet business is new for Honda Motor Co. Ltd., which first created Honda Aircraft Company Inc. in 2006.

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