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Mechanicville mayor denies letter referred to in minutes

An outspoken Mechanicville city government watchdog is claiming the city and Mayor Anthony Sylvester

An outspoken city government watchdog is claiming the city and Mayor Anthony Sylvester contradicted themselves in denying a recent Freedom of Information Law request.

Michael Coleman, who frequently speaks at City Council meetings, submitted a FOIL request to the city on April 16 asking for any correspondence between Mayor Anthony Sylvester and Shawn Williams between January 2007 and April 2008.

Sylvester is an employee of Momentive Performance Materials, where Williams is the president and chief executive officer of silicones for the company’s Americas region.

Sylvester signed the reply denying Coleman’s request the same day it was submitted, giving the reason that there was “no correspondence from Shawn Williams.”

However, minutes from the City Council’s April 23, 2007, meeting indicate that Sylvester received a letter from Williams “thanking the Mayor for his support of the Company’s Foreign Trade Zone application.”

A FOIL request asking for all correspondence between elected city officials and Momentive between January 2007 and April 2008 submitted to the city by the Daily Gazette today is pending.

Sylvester said Tuesday that he had forgotten about the letter from Williams until a Gazette reporter showed him the meeting minutes from last year. He said he’ll search his records again in an attempt to find the letter.

Momentive is the world’s second-largest producer of silicones and silicone derivatives. The company in 2006 purchased a factory in Waterford from General Electric that employs about 1,000 people.

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