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Tenants evicted from storefront

For more than a year, a sign advertised that a pizza joint was coming soon on Broadway.


For more than a year, a sign advertised that a pizza joint was coming soon on Broadway.

It sat so long in the window that residents learned to ignore its claim.

Now, the tenants who planned to open that business at 384 Broadway in the narrow storefront have been given an eviction warrant after they allegedly ran up a $104,841 bill with a contractor, didn’t pay it and skipped out on their rent for two months.

A mechanic’s lien was placed on the property after Saratoga Springs company Conboy and Mannion Contracting didn’t get paid what they were owed, court records said.

In February, landlords Antonio and Janet Calvi ordered tenants Peter Alamia, Arthur Alvarado and Clifford Gonzales to pay the contractor in 10 days or vacate the property, on which the trio had a five-year lease starting in January 2006 and ending in 2011.

But the tenants didn’t pay, so the property owners petitioned City Court to get their store back.

The storefront is on a coveted stretch of Broadway between jewelry store Silver and Stones and Kem Handbags.

The three men failed to show up for a March 19 eviction hearing that the Calvis’ attorney, Constantino Fragale of Eastchester, attended. At that hearing, City Judge James Doern awarded a $12,552 judgment against the tenants, representing unpaid rent in February and March of $6,276 a month.

The Calvis were then awarded possession of the property on March 26, and an eviction warrant was issued for the tenants.

This week a copy of the judge’s order was taped to the front window of the store in an apparent attempt to communicate with the tenants who also weren’t available at the property to get certified letters about the eviction.

The owners live in New Canaan, Conn. Reached by phone Wednesday, Janet Calvi declined comment on the matter.

Alamia, Alvarado and Gonzales could not be reached for comment.

It is unclear from the documents what kind of work was done on the property, which has brown paper taped over the storefront windows. The contractor did $134,841 worth of work on the property in April and May of last year and was paid only $20,000, court records state.

The records also state that the tenants paid the landlords an $11,000 security deposit.

The building formerly was the home of Cocozzo’s hair salon and before that Gentleman’s Quarters, an old-fashioned barber shop that offered shoe shines and men’s styling.

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