Classic Tales of Old Dorp: Woodlawn Theater closed in 1930

Former Gazette columnist Larry Hart reports on the location of an old theater in Schenectady’s Woodl

The Daily Gazette is reprinting excerpts of the late Larry Hart’s long-running column, “Tales of Old Dorp.” Hart used to answer questions from local history fans. Here are questions about two subjects — the location of an old theater in Schenectady’s Woodlawn neighborhood and info about a local dairy called Shopmeyer’s. Larry had better luck with the first answer than the second one, in these two excerpts originally published April 29, 1980.

It was called Woodlawn Theater. The address was 1869 State St., between Marshall and Barrington avenues, next to what is now the Griswold Funeral Home.

The building was the typical long, low-slung brick affair that was converted to a bus barn and service garage when the theater closed in 1930. A fire wrecked the Woodlawn Service Center nearly 10 years ago.

Frankly, this one (Shopmeyer’s) has us stumped so far. The name doesn’t show up in any Schenectady city directory since 1901. We can’t believe it was any older, since milk was ladled into home containers before then.

Probably the dairy farm was located out of city in one of the townships and the “Schenectady” on its bottles represented a county address.

We know the answer is around and that it will come to light with a little more research.

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