Officials ask criminals to submit required DNA samples

Albany County law enforcement officials are making another attempt to secure DNA samples from convic

The district attorney and local police agencies announced new initiatives today to improve DNA collection rates in Albany County from people who have been convicted of certain crimes.

A task force recently sent letters asking individuals who owed DNA as part of a plea deal or court agreement to comply. Approximately 50 percent responded and the compliance rate rose from 71 percent to 88 percent in the last couple of months

Yet, about 56 people in Albany County have not provided the required DNA sample.

The goal is 100 percent compliance, according to District Attorney P. David Soares, who is running for re-election this year. He said today police agencies will send out another round of letters.

Anyone required to provide DNA has until May 10 to give a sample.

Criminals who haven’t submitted a sample by May 10 can go to the Albany Judicial Center that day to provide a sample, which is taken by swabbing the inside of the cheek.

Police will then begin searching for those who still haven’t complied.

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