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Alleged Schenectady police beating victim admits lesser charges

The Pattersonville man who claims he was beaten by five Schenectady police officers after a December

The Pattersonville man who claims he was beaten by five city police officers after a December traffic stop on Union Street has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Donald Randolph, 37, of 16 Pattersonville Road, was initially charged with felony driving while intoxicated and aggravated unlicensed operation, as well as with threatening officers, after he was arrested in the early morning hours of Dec. 7 after police said they observed him behind the wheel of a pickup truck in the parking lot of the McDonald’s restaurant on Union Street. But court papers say Randolph pleaded guilty to second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and third-degree facilitating aggravated unlicensed operation, both misdemeanors, to satisfy both the Dec. 7 charges and a misdemeanor aggravated unlicensed operation charge he was ticketed on three weeks earlier.

In return for his plea, Randolph was sentenced to time served and a $700 fine.

Randolph claims that after he was taken into custody after the Dec. 7 arrest, he was driven about six blocks to the intersection of Union and McClellan streets and then was beaten as he was being transferred from a patrol car to a prisoner wagon. Randolph arrived at the Schenectady County jail with swelling on the side of his face and a bruised right wrist, according to an injury report taken at the facility, and told corrections officers the injuries were delivered by police.

The officers named by Randolph – Daryl Mallard, Kevin Derkowski, Gregory Hafensteiner, Andrew Karaskiewicz and Eric Reyell – were suspended with pay pending an investigation into the allegations. The state attorney general’s office later joined the criminal investigation into the incident and Randolph filed a notice of claim against the city in March, preserving his right to sue.

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