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It looks like cast-for-cash anglers will have quite a few events from which to choose again this yea

It looks like cast-for-cash anglers will have quite a few events from which to choose again this year.

Everything from fishing in the back of the boat with a touring pro to doing your own thing in a one-bass, weeknight event at a local lake will be available. Prize funds will range from $50 to $35,000.

Here are the tournament schedules that have been reported to me:


Jean Huber, tournament director for the Northeast Team Bass, returns, offering six open contests, followed by an end-of-the-season Tournament of Champions.

Membership fee is a one-time $25 per person. The two-person team fee is $185, which includes a $10 lunker fee. There is a $25 late fee for entries received after the Wednesday prior to the tournament.

Membership and entry forms can be found on the Web at www.-andersenboat.com. I believe that shortly, you’ll also be able to register and pay all fees on-line.

Tournament dates and sites are: June 15, Lake Champlain at Ticonderoga; June 29, Great Sacandaga Lake at Northhampton State Park; July 12, Oneida Lake, Oneida

Shores; July 13, Oneida Lake,

Oneida Shores, (these are two separate tournaments); Aug. 10, Lake Champlain at Ticonderoga; Sept. 14, Lake George at Mossy Point. The date and place of the TOC will be announced later. For further details, call Jean at 695-6169 or Andersen Boat at 399-5003.


Headquartered in Mansfield, Conn., this partners trail is offering eight tournaments — four in the North Division and four in the South Division of New York state. There is a one-time $30 membership fee per person, a two-person entry fee of $125 and a $25 non-refundable deposit is required with each entry fee. A $10 lunker fee at each event is optional. Balance of the fee is due one week prior to the event.

North Division tournament dates and waters are: June 22, Oneida Lake; July 26, Saratoga Lake; Aug. 16, Lake Champlain; and Sept. 6, Lake George. South Division dates and waters are: June 29, Hudson River; July 19, Lake Champlain; Aug., 10, Mohawk River; and Sept. 7, Saratoga Lake. The TOC for each division will be Sept. 21, site to be announced. Launch sites were not available in the information brochure that I received. For further details, go to www.ct-outdoors.com.


The federation will host three points tournaments throughout the state. These are partner draw tournaments with a boater and non-boater field, each competing sep­arately against each other. To fish these events, you must be a member of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society ($20), and a member of the New York Bass Federation ($20). Tournament fees are $125 for boaters and $75 for non-boaters.

Last year, Chris Loftus of Bloomfield worked his way through the New York Bass Federation tournaments, divisional and national B.A.S.S. finals and earned a berth in this year’s Bassmaster Classic.

Tournament dates and sites are: June 22, Lake George at Ticonderoga; Aug. 3, Henderson Harbor; and Sept. 7, Oneida Lake at Oneida Shores. For further details, go to www.nybassfed.com.


The Greenbush Bass Association has expanded its open tournament schedule to eight events. They are individual/partner events, due to the five-bass limit. The entry fee for each tournament is $75, which includes the lunker pool. No membership fee is required, and the

entry registration and fee can be paid at the launch site the morning of the tournament.

All tournaments will be held on Saratoga Lake, with launch and weigh-in at the state launch site. The dates are: June 21, July 13,

July 19, Aug 3, Aug 23, Sept. 13,

Sept. 28 and Oct. 12. For further details, go to www.basstrails.com and click on bass trails, then NYS on the map, or call Jerry Gibson at 674-4181.


The Capital District Big Bass Dash For Cash trail has been reduced to two tournaments. There’s no membership fee, and entry is $150 per team or one angler can fish alone. In this unique format, every two hours, anglers can weigh in just one bass, and the top three in each of four weigh-ins will receive cash rewards. Contestants have 12 chances to win. Any Skeeter-Yam­aha boat owner who wins each of the four hourly awards in a single tournament will earn an additional cash prize.

Both tournaments will be held on Saratoga Lake, June 22 and

July 20. For additional details, go to www.capitaldistrictmarina.com or call 237-3442.


The single man-single bass Tuesday evening tournaments hosted by Lake Lonely Boat Livery will be held every Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m., beginning June 24 and running into early fall.

Contestants may weigh in one bass, which must be alive and released after being weighed in. Ang­lers without boats can rent a boat and electric motor for the contest for $5. Entry fee is $10. For further details, call 587-1721.


Known as the LCI Fishing Derbies, these are actually three sep­arate contests. The first, the All-Season Derby, began May 1 and will run through Sept. 30, with 15 winners each month and an LCI All-Season Champion at the end. The three div­isions are: Cold Water — Atlantic Salmon/steelhead, brown and lake trout; Cool Water — walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass; and Warm Water — largemouth bass and catfish.

The Father’s Day Derby is

June 14-16, and includes three div­isions: Cold Water — Atlantic salmon, steelhead and brown trout; Cool Water — smallmouth bass, walleyes and northern pike; and Warm Water — largemouth bass, bowfin, sheepshead and catfish. First place in each species receive a 2.5-horsepower Yamaha outboard; runners-up get a canoe; third-place finishers receive $400 in cash; and fourth through 10th receive var­ious prizes.

The Two-Person Team Open Bass Tournament on Aug. 31 will launch and weigh in at the Mallett’s Bay Boat Launch in Colchester, Vt. Entry fee is $150 per team. First place, with 125 teams entered, will return $5,000.

On June 14, an LCI Little Ang­lers Derby will be held at Windermere Way State Boat Launch on the Winooski River in Colchester, Vt. Tournament hours are 10 a.m. to noon, and there is no entry fee. This event is for 14-year-olds and younger. Contestants must be

accompanied by an adult.

The individual fee for the All-Season is $40. The Father’s Day individual and junior (14 and under) fees are $35 each; and a family registration fee is $70. For further details, registering on-line or to download an application, go to www.iciderby.com and click on registration.

PRO events

The two major professional bass tournament trails are coming to New York again.

The Bassmaster Elite Champ­ion’s Choice on Oneida Lake will be

Aug. 7-10 at Oneida Shores County Park. As a co-angler, your entry fee will be $750, and the top 50 co-ang­lers will receive a cash reward. The winning co-angler gets $25,000.

In the Bassmaster Weekender Ser­ies, you can be a boater or co-angler. These are one-day events, and the entry fees are $200 for boaters, $100 for co-anglers. There are five tourn­aments in eastern New York: June 21, Lake George at Ticonderoga; July 26, Hudson River at Dutchman’s Landing, Catskill; Aug. 23, Lake Champlain at Plattsburgh; Aug. 30, Lake Champlain at Plattsburgh; Sept. 20, Great Sacandaga Lake at Northville. For more information, go to www.-bassmaster.com.

The FLW Tournament Trail will host three events. The WalMart FLW series will be on Lake Champlain at Plattsburgh, Sept. 10-13. The co-angler entry fee is $750. The top 75 co-anglers will receive a cash prizes, and the winner gets a $40,000 award, which includes a Ranger bass boat.

The FLW Stren Series will host two New York events: the first on Lake Champlain at Plattsburgh,

July 16-19, the second at 1,000

Islands on the St. Lawrence River, Aug. 20-23. The co-angler entry fee is $325. The top 60 co-anglers will receive a cash award, and the winner will receive a $35,000 award which includes a Ranger bass boat. For more information, go to www.-flwoutdoors.com.

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