Caroga Lake volleyball squad is always up for a challenge

The Caroga Lake Volleyball Club has been home to many extraordinary volleyball players and teams.

The Caroga Lake Volleyball Club has been home to many extraordinary volleyball players and teams.

This club goes to special lengths to get their all-girl teams to the best of their ability. There are some people who just have that natural ability with certain sports, and the girls on the 17 and under team have it.

The girls on the team have been playing volleyball anywhere from five to seven years. Most of them have played year-round.

These players have mixed their time with their skill to give themselves great ability. They have won more than 36 tournaments competing against strong rivals.

They are Junior Olympic Players in the Ireva Council (IE). These girls and coaches travel numerous hours to get to faraway tournaments, including Buffalo, Penn State, and Win City.

They will play in any climate and court, referring to the Orange County Tournament where the courts were concrete and the temperatures were 40 to 50 degrees while in uniform.

They have also played in gyms where the outside is hot summer weather and the gyms are not air-conditioned.

Caroga Lake 17s just keep on racking up those tourney wins. One of their biggest, most inspirational wins was when they won regionals playing the whole entire Ireva Council playing undefeated!

willing to go the distance

What is amazing about some of these girls is their dedication. They travel anywhere from five minutes to an hour just to get to their weekly practice.

These girls have worked very hard to get where they are and I wish them the best of luck in future competitions. The girls on the team are Kelsey Palcovic, Amanda Meredith and Danielle Nellis of Caroga Lake; Brittany Calvello and Lauren Lysiak of Broadalbin-Perth; Juleah Vedder of Dolgeville; Jeana Farruggia of Mt. Markham; Brenda Shultis of Gloversville; Alexis Theobald of Amsterdam; and Rebekah Haschytz of Mayfield.

Allison Lysiak is a seventh-grader at Broadalbin-Perth Middle School.

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