Town track dispute gets louder

Complaints about a noisy racetrack have led the Town Board to sue the town Planning Board for issuin

Complaints about a noisy racetrack have led the Town Board to sue the town Planning Board for issuing the track a permit.

Glen town Supervisor John Thomas on Monday said the lawsuit is related to complaints he’s received regarding noise, litter, late hours and lights at the Glen Ridge Motorsports Park off Lusso Road south of Fultonville.

Thomas did not want to discuss the issue at length, citing ongoing litigation.

The track opened for go-cart racing in 2003 and began hosting stock car racing about 18 months ago, track co-owner Jim Hayes said Monday.

Hayes said he was taken by surprise when he was served papers for state Supreme Court.

“Nothing makes sense,” Hayes said.

Hayes said he and his brother Jeff went to two hearings, one earlier this year and another last fall, to get a special use permit, which was ultimately issued by the Planning Board.

Hayes said about 40 people showed up to the public hearing, all supporting the permit.

One concern that was voiced, Hayes said, was whether the road leading to the track was large enough for traffic heading there.

Hayes and his brother own the land and rent the track to promoters Mike Romano and Jake Spraker.

Romano on Monday said he was unsure what the legal action is aimed at. He said the half-mile clay track operates on Friday evenings and activity typically concludes by 10:30 or 11 p.m.

The track runs some Saturday night shows toward the fall when the Fonda Speedway closes for the Fonda Fair. Romano said the Fonda Speedway, located in downtown Fonda, has a midnight curfew.

Romano said about 500 people, including racers and guests, attend events at the Glen Ridge Motorsports Park.

Planning Board member Sandra Shatley said Monday she believes the Planning Board followed all the steps spelled out in law before it issued a special use permit for the track.

Shatley said it’s possible the Town Board is concerned with safety issues and said some neighbors are concerned about the noise on Friday nights.

A special meeting between the Town Board and the Planning Board to discuss the issue is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday in Glen Town Hall.

Thomas said a hearing is set for Thursday in the lawsuit between the town and the Planning Board. He said it’s possible issues could be resolved Wednesday, eliminating the need for further court action.

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