Area Bridge results

Clementina Di Carlo's Area Bridge results.

Results of games played Friday, May 23, to Thursday, May 29, were:


Friday: 1. Joel Prescott-Mary Williams. 2. Bill & Marion Rocco. 3. Nancy Edwards-Ann Walker.

Schaefer Heights

Saturday: North/South, 1. Charlotte & Art Sands. 2. Jim Borgia-Renie Federighi. 3. Emilie Saad-Phyllis Sawyer. East /West, 1. John Fiorre-Milly Chylinski. 2. Fran Brown-Toly Svolos. 3. Helen Fries-Flo Lippiello.

Wednesday: North/South, 1. Alberta Peroutky-Pat Kownack. 2. Peg DeForest-Beth Blakeley. 3. Fran Brown-Nancy Huss. East/West, 1. Peg Davis-Elaine Royer. 2. Marilyn Feenan-Ardis McDonald. 3. Reggie Anderson-Tina Salamon.

Thursday: 1. Jack Therrien-Ed Barlet. 2. Helen Frier-Flo Lippiello. 3. Jim Borgia-Renie Federighi.

Schenectady JCC

Tuesday: North/South, 1. Jack Therrien-Joan Halstead. 2. Nancy Lang-Nancy DeVito. 3. Alex Hallenstein-Roberta Berk.

East/West, 1. Lucille & Roger LaBelle. 2. Dolly & Bob Boutier. 3. Sadie Schneider-Marilyn Soffer.

District 3 Spring Regional

From Tuesday and Wednesday events in Saratoga Springs.

Listed are members from Unit 115 who scored first in their level or bracket in pairs or team games.

Team games: Richard Stearns- Robert Stearns. Richaard & Judy Hill. Michael & Ulla Sattinger. Linda & Lew Millenbach. Richard Egelston,Tom Ludwig, Jean Drake, Charles Close.

Pairs Events: Gloriana & Richard Clark. Xiaoqian Liu-Maxim Siline. Stanley & Sandra Cohen. Anne Walker-Jackie Cummings.

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