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Health facility merger to start

St. Clare’s Hospital will stop accepting inpatient, critical care, pediatric and maternity cases nex

St. Clare’s Hospital will stop accepting inpatient, critical care, pediatric and maternity cases next week as it consolidates services with Ellis and Bellevue hospitals, officials announced Wednesday.

The transition will start Monday and continue through June 20. Both Ellis’ and St. Clare’s emergency departments will remain open throughout the transition and after June 20.

Ellis will take over St. Clare’s assets Monday and St. Clare’s will cease to exist as a hospital with its own operating certificate, as Bellevue did last year.

The state said Ellis and St. Clare’s had to create a joint operating agreement under a money-saving mandate from the New York state Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century. The mandate became law in January 2007. The St. Clare’s board later decided to merge with Ellis completely.

After June 20, Ellis will handle all critical, pediatric and medical-surgical care and all stroke and cardiac care. Bellevue Woman’s Care Center, formerly Bellevue Woman’s Hospital, will handle obstetric, gynecological and maternity services.

St. Clare’s will be called Ellis Hospital’s McClellan Campus, becoming primarily an outpatient and urgent care center. It will offer day surgery, medical imaging, sleep disorder care, primary and dental care, laboratory services, wound care, infusion therapy and physical and rehabilitation services.

“This agreement achieves what we have all sought from the beginning: A stronger health care organization where all existing services are retained and patient care and comfort come first,” said Ellis President and CEO James Connolly.

“The traditions of Ellis, St. Clare’s and Bellevue are deep and enduring, and today that care will be even better as a result of our joining. We truly are better together, and I believe our community will be better served,” he said.

Connolly said the transition of services is based upon which facility is best equipped to provide each level of care. He said Ellis relied on the expertise, guidance and recommendations of its medical and senior leadership, community leaders and others during extensive community outreach sessions.

The state Department of Health and the state Dormitory Authority will give Ellis $8.7 million to cover transition costs. The state also awarded Ellis a $50 million grant to cover St. Clare’s pension costs and closing expenses.

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