Wall of Amsterdam building collapses

The eastern wall of a brick building on West Main Street in Amsterdam collapsed this morning.

The eastern wall of a brick building on West Main Street collapsed this morning.

The wall fell about 10 a.m., leaving a large gaping hole in the more-than-100-year-old building at 182 W. Main St. No one was injured.

City Housing Inspector Luis Aguero said the property has been on the city’s list for demolition for more than three years. The building has been vacant and abandoned for years, Aguero said, and the city purchased the property about six years ago.

“This is an example of what’s going to happen more in the city until the Common Council does something to take these building down,” Aguero said. “I guess it’s going to fall down on it’s own. Apparently that’s what the council is waiting for.”

Aguero said the property is one of the most unsafe in the city. The two-story building was built mostly with bricks and very little timber. Aguero said as the bricks erode, the danger of collapse increases.

“This type of collapse is not uncommon for this type of structure,” he said.

Due to the building’s age, Aguero said there is probably asbestos and other hazardous materials in the structure. He said the building needs to be completely demolished.

Mike DiMatteo of 186 W. Main St., said the side of the building next to his home collapsed about three years ago and he had bricks on his driveway. DiMatteo said he doesn’t feel unsafe living next to the building, however, and he understands that the city will demolish it when there is enough money to do so.

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