Summer’s here — pass the ice water

Dylan and Ryan Vandermark had the right idea during the first hot day of the year — go fishing and s

Dylan and Ryan Vandermark had the right idea during the first hot day of the year — go fishing and swimming and then bury your legs in the sand.

“We do a lot of fun stuff,” Dylan, 6, said Saturday while sifting sand over his legs as his 4-year-old brother did the same.

The Amsterdam boys played in Collins Lake while their great-aunt sat in the shade of a beach umbrella and a straw hat, sipping cool water.

“You can’t keep them cooped up in the house,” said Lisa Brown of Schenectady.

Since area pools aren’t yet open, the lake in Scotia was one of a few places for a dip to find some relief from the 90-degree heat.

Relief was what Mandy Feyrer sought as she lay on a beach blanket at the lake.

“I would say if anything, we’re trying to stay cool,” the Boston resident said. She was staying with her parents in Schenectady and planned to visit her Siena College reunion this weekend.

She contemplated the lake and decided to go in: “It’ll do. We’ll take what we can get.”

Tony Smith was also trying to keep cool while he sold baked goods outside Wal-Mart in Glenville to benefit his employer, Redemption Christian Academy Preschool in Troy.

“I’m drinking a lot of cold water and then I’m going in and out,” Smith said after spending a few minutes inside, in the air conditioning.

Cold drinks were also popular at outdoor fundraisers on Saturday morning.

Almost 800 donated water bottles, gallons of juice and more than 400 ice pops kept walkers in the Christian AIDS Walk in Schenectady hydrated after their two-mile jaunt.

“I iced it down last night and prayed,” said Jennifer Madison, who placed paper bags on top of the ice and drinks before closing the coolers to keep more of the cool air in overnight Friday.

Despite her efforts, the ice was thawed by late Saturday morning after the walk.

Community Hospice packed in the ice and water for 1,500 walkers in Albany, said spokesman Rob Puglisi.

“There was plenty of water, plenty of soda and everyone seemed to keep hydrated. There were no reports of anyone being sick or anyone getting injured,” he said.

Most people stayed for lunch and music after the charity walk.

“Probably people left a little earlier than they would have. It definitely got hotter as the morning progressed,” Puglisi said.

Emergency dispatchers throughout the region reported no heat-related illness calls, indicating that people took precautions.

Today’s weather is expected to be hot again, with a forecast high temperature of 93 degrees.

The National Weather Service expects Monday’s temperature to reach 95 degrees, and Tuesday’s high is forecast at 91 degrees.

By Wednesday, the weather should get cooler, with a high expected to hit 79 degrees.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are more common in hot, humid weather. The state Department of Health advises people to stay in air conditioning during the hottest parts of the day and refrain from strenuous activity.

Loose, light-colored clothing, sunscreen and a ventilated hat will help people who are out in the sun.

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