City workers welcome new computers

After three months of sharing a computer with city Assessor Michael Chiara, secretary Sandra Carriol

After three months of sharing a computer with city Assessor Michael Chiara, secretary Sandra Carriola received a new one this week as part of City Hall’s technology upgrade.

When Carriola’s computer crashed in March, Controller Heather Reynicke told her not to seek a new one because many of City Hall’s computers would be replaced altogether.

Three months later, Carriola and Chiara were still sharing a computer to check e-mails and search for assessment data. “It was a real drag,” Carriola said. “It’s good to have a computer back.”

City Hall replaced 25 computers with new Dell desktops complete with Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2007.

The Common Council gave $25,000 to Reynicke this year to purchase the new computers, update software and make improvements to the city’s computer server.

According to Neal Kling, an employee at the Montgomery County Data Processing and Printing Department, the city’s older computers had a mix between Windows 95, 98 and 2000 and were in need of an upgrade.

Kling spent the week replacing the computers, converting files and teaching staff about new features.

Carol DeJohn, the mayor’s executive assistant, had to relearn how to make labels.

“I’m sure [the new computers] will be much more convenient once I learn how to use all the convenient tools,” she said.

Kling was finishing up his work replacing the computers Friday afternoon by moving city Clerk Susan Alibozek’s extensive databases onto her new computer.

Alibozek, who has digitalized most of the city clerk’s paperwork, said the new computer will make the office more efficient. She said her old computer was slow with Windows 2000 and the new computer will also hold more files.

“It’s always been my goal to reduce the amount of paperwork in this office,” she said.

Alibozek said as the city begins to develop its Web site, one of its main features will be the ability to download the city’s documents. Alibozek also wants Common Council meeting minutes available on the site.

Deputy City Clerk Carol Ciannotti also received a new computer and said most of her work will now be computerized as well.

Kling said City Hall is also receiving an upgrade of Client Access, software that allows the city’s computers to communicate with Montgomery County’s server AS/400 and access county programs. Kling said the city uses the software for payroll, among other administrative tasks.

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