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Officials excited about condo proposal

Town officials got their first look at a plan to build 64 condominiums in the northern part of to


Town officials got their first look at a plan to build 64 condominiums in the northern part of town off Route 423 and met the proposed development with initial optimism and enthusiasm.

Albany-based Amedore Construction Co. wants to build a 16-unit development across from the Battlefield Trailer Park. The land for the proposed development is north of land also owned by the company that has already been approved by the town for 47 single-family homes.

The condominiums, while not designed solely for senior citizens, would be “senior friendly,” according to Amedore Project Executive John Bossalini. Each two-story building would have two condominiums on each floor for a total of four condominiums per building.

Two possible designs presented by the developer included floor plans of 1,641 square feet or 1,234 square feet. The condominiums would cost around $250,000, Bossalini said.

“These condominiums are going to afford people some ample space at an affordable price,” Bossalini said. “This is a proven product.”

He said Amedore Construction has recently built three sold-out developments in Rotterdam with similarly designed units.

The company needs the town to change the zoning of the land from commercial to residential and then approve the project before any construction could begin.

The developer is expected to submit an application next month that the Town Board would refer to the Planning Board for review. The application process is expected to take at least a year.

Since the proposed 16-unit development is part of an existing planned development district, the Town Board will have the final say on all approvals.

“I think a development in that price range would be much more desirable than light commercial. I just don’t see an attorney’s office or a store or any kind of light commercial going into an area like that,” Supervisor Shawn Connelly said. “I definitely think that this kind of development geared towards seniors is something the town of Stillwater needs more of.”

The 47 single-family homes planned for south of the condominium development will each cost about $400,000. Amedore Construction is expected to finish paving the roads for that project next week, according to Bossalini.

The condominium development would leave about 84 percent of green space on the 21.9 acres where the buildings are proposed, according to an analysis done by Amedore Construction.

Bossalini said the company is confident the development would be successful, despite the recent economic downturn.

“We’ve actually had some great success. Our products span a large demographic,” he said. “Our sales have been good even in the down economy.”

The proposed condominiums are being designed around the plan for the 47 single family homes and there would be no impact to wetlands or streams, according to the developer.

The proposed development would use an existing road, Walden Circle.

“They sell very quickly,” Bossalini said. “They’re very popular, very comfortable units,”

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