MOSA recycle director job cut

The governing board of the tri-county waste authority MOSA this week eliminated a recycling coordina

The governing board of the tri-county waste authority MOSA this week eliminated a recycling coordinator position that was budgeted for this year but never filled.

Officials on Friday said rising costs forced the position’s elimination.

The Montgomery-Otsego-Schoharie Authority in September created the position as part of its $11.57 million budget for this year.

The coordinator was going to cost roughly $80,000, with half of the salary funded by the state, MOSA Board Chairman Ed Wesnofske said.

“The MOSA budget is being stretched a little bit because of the rise in the cost of the disposal contract,” Wesnofske said.

A clause in the contract with hauler Ricelli Enterprises, which picks up MOSA waste and drops it off at a landfill in western New York, calls for a $6-per-ton increase, Wesnofske said.

MOSA increased the tipping fee by $3 per ton to accommodate the increased cost and is footing the additional $3 per ton out of the authority’s budget, Wesnofske said.

The recycling coordinator, as envisioned, would have worked to increase recycling efforts in the three-county region, thereby reducing the amount of solid waste generated.

But financial pressures make the present a bad time to hire another staff member, MOSA board member John Mattas said.

“There’s a great deal of uncertainty as to whether the price of diesel is going to continue to go higher. If it does, it will increase our costs dramatically. We are just pinching pennies anywhere we can,” Mattas said.

Wesnofske said he expects the benefits of reducing the amount of waste handled to be more evident in the near future as other waste management units address shrinking landfill space.

Schenectady is shipping its waste out to western New York, Albany is being asked to find an alternative to putting waste in its landfill and Sullivan County is having difficulty with its landfill, which may close in 2009, Wesnofske said.

That situation may force MOSA to compete with these regions for contracts to haul waste, Wesnofske said.

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